Understand Your Customers.
Grow Your Revenue.

Ask any questions about your customers and get answers
on demand. Use these insights to improve the business metrics
that matter most to you.

Get Answers to All Your Questions

Imagine having one giant database of every action every user has ever taken across all your channels: every product they’ve bought, page they’ve seen, email they’ve opened, link they’ve clicked, Facebook post they’ve shared, phone call they’ve made. Now, imagine having the ability to ask any questions you want about these users through a simple user interface and without writing any code. Welcome to Cooladata!

CQL: Your New Secret Weapon

CQL is Cooladata’s proprietary SQL extension, optimized for behavioral analysis. You get all the power of SQL with only 20% of the code. Write CQL queries in our platform, through our API, or our easy-to-use visual query builder.

Uncover Insights with these Powerful Reports

Understand at a glance what your users do on all their devices across all your channels (online and offline.) Visualize your data however you want, and slice and dice it to reveal what’s working and what isn’t.

  • Customer Journey
  • Funnel
  • Cohort
  • Path
  • Ranking
  • Visual Query Builder
  • ROI
  • Linked Reports

See the Entire Customer Journey

Get a complete picture of every interaction your customers have with your brand, online and offline. Cooladata lets you unify all your data sources so you can see the entire customer journey, not only what they do on your website.