Correlate Between Purchases and User Behavior Data 

Slice and segment your audience's behavior through Power Cohorts, Funnels and Paths – drill down to a single customer and understand multiple facets of your audience, find your highest-value buyers, follow their activity, across multiple channels being web or mobile, and acquire more like them.  

This produces unparalleled customer insights, which retailers can act upon in real-time to drive buyer LTV and loyalty, while optimizing marketing spend.

With CoolaData You Can

Reveal which creative works better

Determine which customers are aware of my return policies 

Find out where to publish and for which segments

Send your customers customized offers based on their preferences 

Find out the effectiveness of your activity on ROI

Application insights: pages loading time, time between purchases, ideal day/hour for purchases 


Understand what your users are doing across all channels

Get to know your customer’s behavior, both online and offline.  Events are user actions, and they are sent to CoolaData in real-time or by batch. They are triggered by user interactions on your website. CoolaData uses events to track everything from basic clicks and site engagement to downloads, video plays, advertising, social network activity, and sales.


Capture the attention of your users 

Cooladata is a comprehensive solution for big data analytics and data warehousing needs; it helps companies boost agility and decrease time-to-insight when compared with homegrown and competitive solutions.