Data Accuracy & Cost

Google Analytics 360 only supports sampling of data and data refresh is delayed for many hours. Google 360 premium moves beyond sampling but you are limited to 1 billion events per month and is extremely expensive

Cooladata has no limitations.  Analyze ALL of your data, both raw and enriched, from any source, no sampling.  See insights in real-time.  More power, more data at a fraction of the cost.

Simplicity for Your Analysts

Cooladata is full-stack data warehouse with SQL support out-of-the-box.   We handle partitioning, caching, and schema changes for you automatically.  Google BigQuery requires a deep knowledge of the nested model to export actionable data.  With CoolaData export and action insights instantly.

Behavioral Power with Ease

With BigQuery, performing cohort/funnel/path queries is complex and slow.  CoolaData is purpose built for behavioral analytics.  CoolaData CQL provides behavioral extensions to SQL for simple and fast cohort/funnel/path analysis.

Visualization and UI

Google’s Data Suite has a limited UI that is still in beta, CoolaData reports & dashboards are rich, powerful tools and easy to use.  Get the dashboards you need to run your business.  Empower your customers and partners with dashboards, reports and the ability to explore their data on your service.  Prefer another visualization tool—no problem with CoolaData

Query Performance & Cost

BigQuery has limited partitioning, requires the expert analyst to using and tune–resulting in sub-par performance and high costs. CoolaData’s smart partitions and caching makes queries fast and simple to use at a much lower cost.