A cloud based solution that covers all big data infrastructure components
for data tracking, warehousing, ETL, data enrichment –
all the way to the visualization.

End to end big data behavioral analytics

The CoolaData Platform combines the best of all worlds: the most advanced behavioral analytics solution and a versatile data service to suit your business requirements as though it were developed in-house. 

At CoolaData, we understand that data can be stored in different ways and in order to drive comprehensive conclusions, analysts must have quick access to their data sources.

CoolaData is a unified behavioral analytics platform that stores data regarding behavioral patterns and the flows that users take in consumer-facing websites and apps. We also enable the unification of behavioral data with data from external data sources.

End to end big data analytics platform


Integrate our SDK to start tracking events in real time, available for iOS, Android, Unity, JavaScript REST API and more. Integrate our SDK to start tracking events in real time, available for iOS, Android, Unity, JavaScript REST API and more.



CoolaData’s event center collects data streams from multiple sources 24/7 and centralizes them in the Data Service. The event center performs extensive data cleansing and data quality assurance procedures to ensure efficient data management.



As we collect and process your data we continuously enrich it with internal logic and external sources. The result is a rich, behavioral data model, which tells a deep and powerful story about your users’ behavior. Our user profile is highly configurable and updated in realtime.



Storage is secure and fully compliant with the most advanced standards. We are built to scale and guarantee to support your volumes as your business grows. You own the data and have full access to it at all times.

Behavioral Semantic Layer


CoolaData’s unified, behavioral semantic layer enables versatile metadata management including dimensions, virtual dimensions, columns, measures, calculated measures, etc. to create your own relevant business definition layer.



CoolaData provides an out of the box visualization layer: the Analytical Document. The Document allows anyone on your team you to create their own dashboard on the fly and populate it with your own customizable widgets, which include KPIs, Power Cohorts, funnels, paths and more.