Analyze it your way

CoolaData provides an out of the box visualization layer: the Analytical Document. The Document allows anyone on your team to create their own dashboard on the fly and populate it with your own customizable widgets, which include KPIs, Power Cohorts, funnels, paths and more.

CoolaData’s open platform supports an open Widget SDK which allows you to create custom widgets addressing your specific business needs and embed them in web based applications. 

Big Data visualization dashboard
Data visualization for analytical documents

The Analytical Document

The Analytical Document unifies data from multiple sources. Analytical Documents are fully integrated with Google Drive, enabling sharing and collaboration.

CoolaData provides out of the box, predefined predictive modules, such as churn and lifetime value (LTV). CoolaData’s open data services enable you to build your own predictive analytic modules. You can analyze anything in our Analytical Document - not just what a wizard guides you towards - and embed it in your own products.

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