Cooladata Delivers a Competitive Edge for the Webcollage Platform

With Cooladata analytics in place, Webcollage clients and partners can see event information on a granular level across channels, allowing for deep user behavioral analysis that goes beyond standard KPIs. What asset types are the most popular? How helpful is the content to shoppers? What content and retailer combinations drive conversions and sales? These and other complex questions can now be answered in real time. Continue reading

PlayBuzz Increases Engagement with Behavioral Analysis

As a data driven company that relies on data tracking and analysis based on the operation of a Business Intelligence system, teaming up with CoolaData seemed like the obvious thing for PlayBuzz to do.

90min Cashes in with increased monetization 

90min needed a clear breakdown of the revenue each advertising affiliate contributed, due to a lack of clear insights about which affiliate brought valuable traffic in terms of both quality and quantity. The challenge of unifying diversified data sources with the data related to user behavior raised a barrier to 90min’s optimization of its affiliate network. Increasing the revenue from this affiliate network is key to 90min’s growth: bringing more traffic to the company’s websites and apps and thus enabling better terms for media buying.

RealMatch gets the job done with CoolaData

RealMatch takes Big Data seriously. That's why they chose CoolaData to take on behavioral analytics. Collecting tens of millions of data points daily, RealMatch strives to understand the needs and actions of both job seekers and employers, with the goal to optimize job matching, user experience, and overall recruitment success. 

Ask any business question with CoolaData

Founded in 2005 and with over 5 million visits monthly, mySupermarket is a leading online supermarket that provides a new type of shopping experience by enabling its users to compare prices and shop from all the main retailers  on one platform.  Customers compare different item prices, fill up and order a cart online, or print a cart as a shopping list to take with them while shopping in their local supermarket.

Lucky Fish Games gets lucky with CoolaData Behavioral Analytics

Lucky fish, needed to capture and analyze millions of events that related to the player behavior, game performance and other social parameters that influence actions.  Lucky Fish was looking for a scalable solution that could grow instantly in peaks, be cost effective, and could also make data available for insights in record time.