CoolaData’s solution is used by PlayBuzz on a daily basis and by the entire organization: product managers, content editors and social media managers all use CoolaData’s dashboards.

CoolaData enables PlayBuzz to provide real-time feedback for items published, anything from what should be changed within the item to a suggestion to replace the item. Items are presented to different publishers in order to get higher overall exposure.

PlayBuzz uses CoolaData on a daily basis to add a behavioral parameter or try a new approach with content. CoolaData also helps publishers identify new partners by tracking the performance of users. Everybody in the network benefits from greater exposure, as it translates to better content and growing revenues.

"CoolaData’s ability to perform a query in seconds while collecting billions of monthly events is almost unheard of anywhere else. It’s greatest value is in efficient data storage and quering which iI don’t have to deal with or maintain myself." 
--Tom Pachys Co-Founder

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