Understanding audience behavior and needs,
is vital for digital success

Get familiar with audience behavior, measure your content performance and capitalize on engagement

Familiarize Yourself with User Behavior
Identify users, unify their multiple identities and analyze their behavior over time. Build behavioral profiles and establish a foundation for your data-driven marketing activities.

Measure Content Performance Right
Measure metrics beyond pageviews and clicks to reveal content performance and potential. Discover virality metrics, completion rate, retention by content channel and more.

A Complete Solution for Media Analytics
Our out-of-the-box advanced analytics solution comes with a range of ready-to-use dashboards, relying on raw data from all data sources and analyzed as a whole. 

Capitalize on User Behavior
Maximize content monetization by discovering quick insights that respond to the dynamic changing needs of the digital media and publishing business.

This eBook presents the way for you to leverage your data and get the complete story of your user behavior through time-series data analysis. 
We’ll show you why user behavior matters and how you can use it in guiding your future growth.
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