Understanding Audience Behavior is Vital for
Your Digital Success

As a publisher you should be able to get insights on what's important to your visitors, what they are looking at, and how to lead them to your most valuable funnel.  

Easily find out what to publish, where to publish and what works best.  Whether your business model is based on subscription, affiliation or advertising, our breakthrough technology will help you to get answers to any business question regarding your website.

Start with Media & Publishing Analytics Demo

With CoolaData You Can

Discover the missing links between content, engagement and revenue

Understand how different traffic sources impact content consumption

Segment users by content preferences

Get insights into what content affects visitor’s retention and virality

Application insights: pages loading time, time between purchases, ideal day/hour for purchases

Connecting the Dots Between Content and Users

Use advanced behavioral analytics to measure traffic (DAU, MAU) engagement and retention in a unified view across all channels (desktop, mobile web, app) and all in one solution.  Combine event-based data with external sources through API to get campaigns, likes/shares, DFP, etc.

Analyze and Act in Real-Time

CoolaData analyzes and updates user profiles in real-time so that you can take action immediately: identify users at risk and message them at the first signal of churn.  Surface early indications for downward trends and handle them before they affect your business.