Google Cloud

 Google BigQuery enables analysis of the huge datasets we collect from a variety of sources via Google Cloud Storage. So far, gaming, e-commerce and FinTech companies are the initial adopters. We also participate in the trusted tester program for Google Compute Engine, which has allowed us to use new features, while at the same time providing recommendations for others.


AppJolt lets you Analyze, Recapture, Survey and Monetize users who uninstalled your app.  CoolaData is partnered with AppJolt to track mobile application churn and correlate it with user behavioral trends.  


CoolaData’s partnership with AppsFlyer helps bridge the complex interplay between mobile attribution and deep behavioral analysis. AppsFlyer is integrated with hundreds of media partners and we’re proud to work with them on it. Customers of both platforms can now easily benefit from this integration, which is set up via a simple wizard on the AppsFlyer side. You can easily choose what Appsflyer data you want to send into CoolaData for behavioral analysis. .


Kochava is integrated with hundreds of mobile publishers and ad networks, including Facebook,Google and Twitter, through its buy-side software development kit (SDK). Kochava’s newest integration with CoolaData allows mobile developers and advertisers to not only view this data, but to also gain deeper insights through our advanced behavioral analytics.

Become a Technology Partner

Whether you want to become a solutions partner, technology partner or support partner, CoolaData exposes you to cutting edge technology and a wide variety of capabilities in the field of big data and data warehousing.