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Helping Small Data Teams Do More with Less

Cooladata is a cloud-based, end-to-end, fully-managed data warehouse optimized for behavioral analysis, designed for companies with digital products.

Forget about updating schemas, maintaining servers and writing long SQL queries. Forget about integrating multiple tools and wrangling datasets manually every time someone needs a report.

Cooladata lets your teams get the answers they need on their own. In seconds, not days.

Trusted By the World’s Top Gaming Companies

Leading gaming companies worldwide rely on Cooladata to improve player engagement, retention and monetization. They use our platform to prevent “bonus abuse”, convert freemium users to paid, identify “whales” and discover which marketing campaigns bring the most valuable players to their games.


You can use any of our ready-made gaming dashboards, reports, events and queries so you can start getting insights from day one. And you can always create your own events, properties, dashboards, virtual dimensions and custom metrics to get the data you need to move your gaming company forward.

Connect the Dots to Expose the Entire Customer Journey

Your customers interact with you on multiple platforms, channels and devices. They visit your site, use your app, open your emails, talk to your salespeople, engage with you in social media… As a result, your data is everywhere. We help you connect the dots. We show you not only what happens, but who does it.


The result? A single, seamless customer journey that reveals how people interact with your brand. Unifying your customer data is the only way to answer complex questions that involve multiple touch points in the customer journey.

Understand User Behavior or Die

Your company lives and dies by user behavior, but the data that helps you understand your users is fragmented into pieces: CRM, accounting software, web analytics, mobile analytics, product analytics…


We assemble your data puzzle and show you the entire picture of your business, and give every team a self-service portal to get the answers they need to move your company forward.

A Highly-Trained Team of Data Experts to Help You Succeed

You know how challenging it’s to hire talented data experts. Our team of data scientists, analysts and developers is here to help your small data team do big things.


Need help building data models, answering complex business questions or preparing your data for predictive modeling or machine learning? We got you covered!


We’ve helped hundreds of data teams in gaming, SaaS, e-learning, media and e-commerce companies get as much value from their data as possible, and we’re here to help you next!

"Cooladata is disrupting the data industry
and redesigning how companies study human behavior"

The World's First Data Platform for Behavioral Analysis

Never Worry About Infrastructure Again

Get all the power of a data warehouse without the headaches and cost of building and maintaining one.


Our self-learning architecture will automatically detect the types of data you’re streaming into it and optimize the database accordingly. We use Smart Query Shipment to auto-detect the data you’re most likely to query so we can cache it for you for faster access.


Whether you stream 1 or 100 billion events a day, Cooladata is built to scale: our architecture automatically adapts to optimize runtime.

Say Goodbye to Reporting Backlog

You don’t like holding teams back when they’re waiting for reports from you, or having them act without data because reports take too long.


Cooladata lets everyone in your company get instant answers to even the most complex business questions without writing a single line of code.


Create custom reports for each team that update automatically and can be delivered via email, SMS, Slack or embedded on a webpage. You have full control over who sees what and when.

Optimized for Behavioral Analysis

Cooladata is ready for behavioral analysis right out-of-the-box. In addition to standard visualizations — like funnels, paths and cohorts — we give you industry-specific reports to help you analyze every stage of the customer journey: acquisition, engagement, retention and monetization.


We have ready-to-use events, properties and queries for most digital products, like gaming, SaaS, e-learning and e-commerce, so you can hit the ground running.


We have over 50 integrations to event tracking platforms, external databases, third-party tools, and you can import CSV and JSON files as well. You can integrate any third-party data through our REST API, or have our developers do this for you.

You Own and Control Your Data

Cooladata gives you full control over your data. Import any data you want — structured or semi-structured, have access to your raw data (not just samples), handle invalids and manage aggregation tables, and export your data to an external file or to any tool in your tech stack via our integrations or API.


We store your data securely. Even if the original sources delete old data, you’ll still have access to what you’ve collected, even in its original format. Store as much data as you want, export it or delete it whenever you want. Your data is yours.

One Single Source of Truth

Unify all your data sources into one single source of truth. Shift conversations away from incongruences among different data sources and towards the essence of what data is telling you. Trust the data your company relies on to make decisions.


Get all your teams on the same page with company-wide KPI’s and dashboards. When everyone looks at the same data, getting alignment across all your teams happens organically.

No More Long, Error-Prone SQL Queries

Because SQL wasn’t designed for time-series analysis, we built CQL, an extension of SQL that lets you query your data using only 20% of the code. Spend your time on strategic data projects, not writing long, error-prone SQL queries that you can’t trust. Of course, we support SQL too.

Very Quick to Deploy

The market is constantly shifting and you need to turn data into insights quickly. You need all the power of a data warehouse for behavioral analysis but can’t afford to spend a year building one. Cooladata’s data warehouse is ready for behavioral analysis right out-of-the-box. Import your data, stream your events and start getting insights today.

Safe and Secure

Keeping your data safe and secure is at the core of our business. We isolate and back up every dataset in multiple data centers, store data at rest in a separate dataset, and adhere to all the Google Cloud and AWS security protocols and procedures. Access it at any time, confident it will always be there.

A Data Warehouse for a Fraction of the Cost

With Cooladata, you don’t need to spend a fortune on infrastructure that will be obsolete in two years, or on the dedicated team required to maintain it. We give you a future-proof solution that adapts as your data becomes increasingly complex, you add new tools to your stack, and your business evolves and so do the questions you ask of your data.


We want everyone in your company to have access to the data they need, so we don’t charge you for each seat. And we want them to ask as many questions as you want, so we don’t charge you for each query. You get unlimited seats and unlimited queries for a flat fee.

One Solution for All Your Data

Say goodbye to the hassle of using multiple tools and maintaining their integrations. Our end-to-end solution handles every aspect of your data process: collection, enrichment, ETL, storage, ad-hoc analysis, visualization and sharing.


Our architecture is built to scale: whether you have a million events, or a billion or a trillion, our databases automatically expand on demand and shift between tables and storage to adapt to your requirements and to optimize runtime. Leave the guesswork of capacity planning to us.

“Harness the power of BI without the six-figure budget
required to build a data warehouse”

“You can literally ask any business question you have.
The ability to ask the question is as important as the answer.”

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“Cooladata provided us with a complete end-to-end solution. It offered the fastest time-to-market and lowest total cost of ownership, while enabling us to answer complex behavioral business questions on the fly.”

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“Cooladata helped us understand our customers and how they interact with our games. We can now make much more educated decisions about game development, marketing campaigns and user engagement.”

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“Cooladata gave us a real competitive edge in understanding our customer behavior. The ability to calculate LTV and apply retention analysis on different segments has helped us get the answers we’ve been seeking.”

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Measure your game’s success by unifying your data

Understanding which metrics to track can make all the difference in the long-term success of your game. This is a must-read guide for data-driven product managers looking to optimize their game.

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