ABA English: An eLearning Leader Learns from Its Users

ABA English is an online, subscription-based, distance-learning platform that helps adults in over 170 countries learn English.

They faced an interesting challenge – an abundance of data about their users, which they were unable to harness effectively. Because the learning platform is registration-only, ABA can name every user, from their first visit to the platform to the point they decide to upgrade, and beyond.

This “wealth” of data meant they were able to make very sophisticated analyses about their user base, but didn’t have the capabilities of doing so.

ABA English implemented Cooladata’s end-to-end big data analytics platform, and started tracking all user interaction with Cooladata. User data from the back-end CRM was also moved into Cooladata, and the platform started correlating each engagement event with a specific user.

  • Individual user engagement data was correlated with that same user’s back-end data, such as subscription to premium and subscription renewals.
  • Flexible user segmentation, made it possible to look at premium user behavior separate from non-premium users, and segment the engagement impact of new features.
  • Time-series analysis, allowed them to see how premium users behave in earlier stages, and subsequent behavior of users experimenting with new features.
  • Fast access to behavioral metrics, made it possible to see a drop in engagement beyond the basic metrics.
  • Event-based analysis – Cooladata is an event-based platform which tracks and analyzes all clicks and transitions with an application. This made it possible to understand which users are getting “stuck;” in which sections of which learning units.