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CoolaData’s partnership program is expanding and we will be featuring a new partner here on the blog every month. AppsFlyer solves an ongoing challenge for mobile app developers: as a mobile attribution service, it allows advertisers to measure all media sources, including paid, organic, viral and social. Campaign attribution means they are able to know exactly which ad campaign a user comes from.

CoolaData’s partnership with AppsFlyer helps bridge the complex interplay between mobile attribution and deep behavioral analysis. AppsFlyer is integrated with hundreds of media partners and we’re proud to work with them on it. Customers of both platforms can now easily benefit from this integration, which is set up via a simple wizard on the AppsFlyer side. You can easily choose what Appsflyer data you want to send into CoolaData for behavioral analysis.


CoolaData’s cohort analysis is the most common way this feature is implemented – breaking it down by campaign source.  Unlike any other platform, CoolaData’s cohorts enable the analysis of behavioral segments by a very granular level of event properties.  Our Power Cohort widget helps track retention rates and with AppsFlyer you can now track retention rates coming in from each campaign source. As you can see the widget below demonstrates users who did ‘Login’ and then did ‘Checkout’ by referrer source.  The great thing about this integration is that you don’t need to send us the referrer,  we will pick it up directly from AppsFlyer.

“The match between AppsFlyer and CoolaData was made in heaven,” says AppsFlyer’s VP of Marketing, Ran Avrahamy, “and we’re proud to partner up with a great team that made an amazing behavioral analysis tool. This integration will help our customers better understand their users’ behavior, and most importantly, it will help them optimize their user acquisition campaigns and strategies.”


Another common implementation is through our funnel analysis – a breakdown by campaign source. You’ll be able to analyze user success in completing a certain flow, or process, by using CoolaData’s Power Funnel while linking this information to the relevant campaign source.

Contact CoolaData to find out more about benefiting form this AppsFlyer integration.

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