Our 2016 Feat: Behavioral Analytics for Fast-Growing Products

When we founded Cooladata, after 20 years in the BI world, we wanted to transcend the traditional business intelligence model by creating a solution that would simplify BI to deliver business insights to everyone. We knew it would be a challenge.

Fast-growing digital products needed agile digital intelligence that they could grow into. Planning scale and growth in advance just didn’t seem right for these emerging online businesses.

Over time, we’ve seen more and more businesses easily adopt our dream of simplified BI. This year, we’ve been busier than ever collecting, enriching, modeling, crunching and managing data (over 20,000 terabytes of data has been processed). Our big data infrastructure is handling all this  – so that you don’t have to.

Over 130 billion event properties were flowing in from different sources and we’ve shaped it into a seamless stream of raw data ready to be analyzed.

This year only, over 4.6 million queries were used by our customers, and countless business insights were delivered. Our vision has certainly become a reality.

In 2016 we challenged ourselves further, reaching beyond data collection and management to facilitate advanced analysis tools so that all products, whether mobile or web, navigate the sea of event data and deliver insights on user behavior to optimize products for human interaction.

Digital Intelligence on the Fast Track

Startups with digital products that wisely choose to depend on product analytics know they should start collecting data as early as possible. Since we made big data analysis cost-effective and scalable, companies are adopting Cooladata right from the beta launch.

From the data tracking on your website to the launch of your application, raw event data and deep analytics are there with you as you scale and grow. This year we’ve made your emerging digital business a top priority. Our new Pay-As-You-Grow starter plan will support you for your first months for up to 10 million events (we’re hoping you’ll grow out of this plan fast). This plan is absolutely free so that you can get fast insights to optimize your product right from the very beginning.

We’ve enhanced our behavioral query language even further, so that your business questions can remain complex but the answers could come easily. Our new Query Bank includes hundreds of queries to help you phrase the right business questions for your product and find the matching query – all to support your dynamic business.

To jumpstart your analysis we’ve built industry solutions for gaming analytics, media and publishing analytics, eCommerce and product analytics including robust dashboards. It’s all based on the deep industry experience we‘ve gained from our customers and their analytics.

With behavioral analytics, we make it simpler to rise beyond KPI’s and easily answer the more complex business questions. Our multi-dimensional funnel analysis is a powerful tool that goes beyond the simple conversion analysis and supports funnel steps consisting of multiple events to let you get more sophisticated with your funnel analysis.  Advancing with behavioral analysis, we boosted our behavioral path analysis tool and the sunburst visualization to interactively analyze user journeys, both the expected ones as well as the ones that are unexpected. Our segmentation capabilities were enhanced dramatically, both on the infrastructure side and the analysis. We now support creating behavioral segments – which is a perfect example on how you can act on insights – such as creating a behavioral segment for users according to their loyalty and send them targeted emails and notifications.

We’ve also succeeded in making big data analysis more holistic and transparent. That means no more siloed data. We take data from all types of sources, such as databases and ad platforms, so that you can start to see a clearer picture of your customer journey. Cooladata allows you to fuse these data sets from different sources and share them with your customers and partners – so they can benefit from your advanced analytics as well.

To get started quickly, we’ve developed our Eventualizer application to allow you to define your events by simply clicking on them. Our new HTML descriptions that can be added your dashboards will highlight the insights that you share with your executives.

We’re very proud of our accomplishments in 2016. Now what?

The Future is in Real-Time Insights

Our efforts towards creating fast and easy analysis is laying the foundation for our vision of real-time insights and the ability to react to users in real-time. Imagine automatic real-time reports that trigger your workflows or engagement tools.  You’ll be able to automatically include player bonuses, blocked menu options, and modified forms according to user behavior. This ability to receive data from events in real-time and then react to these events in real-time will create a future of endless opportunities.

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