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Asking the right questions takes as much skill as giving the right answers.” – Robert Half

Robert Half, the American HR firm that helps fast-growing companies find talents, learned through experience that they need to focus on first identifying the most important business questions then finding the answers and quickly acting on them. The same applies to any fast-growing digital companies that seeks to implement web or product analytics at any stage of their business.

You need to be able to react quickly to the quick insights and both the short and long-term needs so typical to dynamic digital businesses. The quicker the better, right?

Well, we’ve taken care of that. We’re proud to introduce the Web & Mobile Analytics Query Bank, containing all the popular business questions and the matching queries in gaming, media, eCommerce, and other products analysis.

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How to Identify My Most Loyal Players

If you’re in the gaming industry, you want to be able to quickly analyze which players are returning time and again to your game, and which game they are returning to play. But how can you quickly calculate player loyalty and optimize game stickiness?

First, you’ll need to calculate the number of sessions your players completed over a series of time. You’ll then need to place them into cohorts by the number of sessions and from there, after using a behavioral cohort analysis, you’ll have identified the path to the most loyal cohort.

You’ll use this method if you’re in the media or publishing industry, for instance, and you’d like to identify the loyal readers that are most likely to become registered or paying users. Or if you’re in the eCommerce business trying to identify those frequently returning visitors that are most likely to end up purchasing.

What is the Most Popular Path Users Take towards Conversion?

What’s the most popular conversion path? That question is critical to every product and every business. Identifying it requires advanced path analysis capabilities that relies on raw event-data. What is the path players take before making a deposit? What is the most common user journey in your mobile app? What are the most commonly visited products shoppers see before making the purchase?

Sounds complicated? Check out this query that analyzes readers’ behavioral path analysis to understand your audience preferences and how they shift between the content categories.

What is My Users’ Lifetime Value?

Analyzing LTV is a challenge. First, because it requires a time-series analysis. Second, because it relies on querying data from your web analytics combined with financial data from your payments system.

Such analysis could take a long time with most big data analytics solutions. But with an agile digital intelligence solution using aggregated tables, it becomes simpler and quicker. Check out how to analyze User Life Time Value with CoolaSQL and time series  behavioral analytics.

Which Users and Campaigns Generate the Highest ROI

Of all of your Google or Facebook campaigns, which one is driving the highest ROI? You need a query language that not only analyzes your internal dataset, but extends to your external dataset as well, whether advertising platforms, email marketing systems, or CRM. You’ll then be able to calculate the ROI by first calculating each users’ LTV and cross-referencing it with the customer acquisition cost (CAC).

All the Right Answers to All the right Questions

We just launched our new Query Bank to help you quickly find answers to the most important or complex business questions. What’s more, you can easily copy the query to your behavioral analytics and execute. Here we highlighted just a few, but the list is long – Surely you can find many other useful queries to answer the most complex questions.

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