CoolaData Offers a Behavioral Data Service

Now Generally Available Offering a Unique Behavioral Analytics Data Service

Empowers data-driven businesses by providing a full analytical stack at a fraction of the cost of developing similar capabilities in-house

NEW YORK, February 6, 2014 /PRNewswire/ —

CoolaData, the most advanced provider of behavioral analytics, today announced the General Availability (GA) of its behavioral data service. CoolaData disrupts the current state of analytics by offering an end-to-end platform and actionable tools to analyze WHY people behave as they do in mobile and web environments.

CoolaData’s open, scalable platform enables flexible access, unifying a variety of internal and external data sources and providing a cost effective alternative to self-developed analytics solutions. The service has been in Beta for the past six months with eCommerce and gaming companies that leveraged it to predict future purchasing patterns, increase customer acquisition, reduce churn rates and improve revenue streams, retention, conversion rates and win-back ratios.

CoolaData’s CEO Tomer Ben Moshe commented: “CoolaData is the most advanced behavioral data service in the market. It provides emerging online companies with capabilities which have traditionally been available only to large corporations with in-house development resources. We’ve given our customers access to a simple, yet powerful service with which to understand, for example, the most popular paths that lead to churn and conversion. Or to target people who purchase once and return but don’t buy again, and then reach out to them with the right messaging.”

“mySupermarket is a data-driven business with complex analytical needs,” said mySupermarket CEO, Allon Bloch. “CoolaData’s service helps us find answers to deep business questions, even questions which are clearly specific to our specialized service.”

CoolaData’s unique attributes include:

  • Predictive analytics for early detection of customer LTV and churn.
  • Deep behavioral, customized business KPIs for the identification, management and tracking of business goals.
  • Unified analysis across platforms and data sources.
  • A realtime operational system for immediate impact.

“It has been great to see CoolaData build this innovative behavioral data service on Google Cloud Platform, utilizing Google’s highly-scalable and reliable infrastructure for their applications,” said Barak Regev, Head of Google Cloud Platform in EMEA. “CoolaData is presenting a real alternative to self-development, saving resources for customers and benefiting from Google Cloud Platform for consistent performance and scalability.”

The CoolaData solution is now generally available with a free trial. It is an ideal solution for data-driven online companies looking to benefit from cutting edge behavioral analytics without the cost, resources and the time required to develop in-house. The service has a simple, fast onboarding process with a clear and friendly user interface for business users. CoolaData offers two out-of-the-box solutions designed to meet the unique needs of emerging eCommerce and gaming companies.

About CoolaData
CoolaData is a behavioral data service empowering data-driven businesses to generate timely actionable insights. The company processes data from tens of millions of users every day and translates it into useful business terms. CoolaData leverages Google Cloud Platform for scale. The company’s investors include Greylock IL and Carmel Ventures.

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