CoolaData’s EMEA Launch

We were in London last week for our EMEA launch at Google’s London office. Thanks to everyone who joined us to see CoolaData’s platform and hear about unified behavioral analytics. We met with a dynamic group of data scientists, developers and marketers, all reflective of the shift towards data-driven marketing.

Behavioral analytics provides online companies with the tools to find out how and why their users act. It is also predictive, enabling a gaming application, for example, to predict who is likely to uninstall its app, or who is likely to bring friends.

As a unified behavioral analytics service, CoolaData unifies a variety of data sources with common attributes and presents its customers with actionable insights. We offer four solutions – gaming, eCommerce, digital advertising and eLearning. Here’s a breakdown of our social gaming solution:


A special thanks to Brad Kilshaw, Barak Regev and Tom Grey from Google’s EMEA Cloud Platform team for hosting us. CoolaData is a GCP technology partner. We use App Engine, Compute and Big Query for data storage, scalability, security, speed and flexibility.

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