Rapid Deployment of Advanced Behavioral Analytics

There’s a new generation of BI – it’s called Behavioral Analytics.
The Behavioral Analytics solution comes to address the specific needs of interactive businesses with online, mobile, or IoT touch points, and applications that generate millions of interactions and transactions, yeah well, Big data.

Behavioral Analytics is built ground up to handle tons of events data, from tracking and collection, through storage, to easy querying and analysis and behavioral visualization.

Behavioral analytics facilitates a deeper level of analysis, beyond the simple business questions to the more complex and valuable level of questions such as What are the most profitable actions or the desired results? And what are the paths that can get the app actor to take those? What are the signs signaling user churn, or what are the critical steps in the user path that increase retention?

The behavioral data is raw, unstructured, scalable and flexible – available for querying using an intuitive querying language and visualized to serve the whole organization, from data scientists to the CEO.

The key to Rapid Deployment of Behavioral Analytics

In this video, Tomer Benmoshe, the CEO of CoolaData describes the different aspects of behavioral analytics, and discusses how behavioral analytics suites a number of different business use cases. Then explains the data warehouse environment supporting advanced behavioral analytics, and the factors that would influence a buy vs. build decision, and corresponding options for rapidly deploying an advanced behavioral analytics system.

How hard is it to implement advanced behavioral analytics? As it turns out, it could be as simple as embedding Java code on a website or app.

Watch this video to get yourself familiar with all aspects of behavioral analytics and the behavioral time series analysis. Learn about advanced visualization such as Cohort Analysis, Time series Funnel Analysis and Path Analysis and how to get there.

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