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Before online gaming existed, companies like Electronic Arts or Atari would sell you a computer or video game and they would often only hear from you again when you (hopefully) returned to buy the new addition of the game. With the advent of internet gaming that is no longer the case. Game developers nowadays capture enormous amounts of user generated data in order to analyze it and draw actionable insights for game improvements, or to improve in-game sales. Below are some great resources and articles that show how important gaming analytics is to the gaming industry and how much data there is that needs to be analyzed.

Electronic Arts’ (EA) CTO Rajat Taneja on how big data is a big challenge in gaming

At the height of its popularity, Battlefield 4, a game developed by EA, would generate over one terabyte of user generated data in any given day. Considering EA has hundreds of game titles, that means that it has a lot of data to go through. Check out this talk by EA’s CTO Rajat Taneja at the Strata 2013 conference, where he discusses the challenges of big data in gaming.

Valve’s Mike Ambinder on data driven decision-making

At one of Steam’s Dev Days, Valve’s Mike Ambinder gave a great presentation on Valve’s collection and analysis of data and how it uses it in its decision making process. 

Venture Beat on the evolution of the gaming Industry

John Koetsier article, “Big games = big data: ‘Games are a service now’” discusses the shift that has occurred at many gaming companies. Rather than just developing games, these companies must be much more involved with their customers on a day to day basis, offering their games as more of service than a product. In order to offer the best service, gaming companies are embracing big data and using it to better understand their users. Click here to read the original article.

Using Big Data and game play to improve mental fitness

Bonnie Feldman writes about how big data and games are helping us better understand the human brain, improve the way it functions and interact with the world around us. Using data generated by games on Lumosity, researchers have been able to launch numerous studies, while user generated data in NeuroRacer allows the game to be instantly customized to each user in order to create a better learning experience for the user. Click here to check out the article and read about some other great application of big data and gaming.

Infographic – data is the power behind Zynga’s games

Zynga posted a great infographic showing how important data is to their games, and how they had amassed 1.4 pentabytes (1 pentabyte = 1024 terabytes = 1,048,576 gigabytes) of data at the time of publishing the infographic. According to the post on the Zynga blog, that is 10x as much data as all the movies on Netflix stored in HD. ( posted by Zynga on February 17th, 2012)

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