Google Cloud Platform

Google’s annual developer conference is taking place in San Francisco this week and several product announcements are directly relevant to CoolaData. As a Google Cloud Platform partner, CoolaData’s solutions benefit from these new features and capabilities:

  • Google Compute Engine is now in general availability with pay-as-you-go pricing. Click here to watch the session about Compute Engine and here for the announcement.
  • Google App Engine has started supporting PHP, click here for example’s from Google’s blog.
  • Google launched Cloud Datastore: a new, managed, non relational (NoSQL) database. Click here for Google’s blog post about it.
  • Click here for a general Google post announcing all the above.

The below video shows Urs Hölzle (starting 22:50 in), Google’s Senior Vice President for Technical Infrastructure Greg DeMichillie (at 44 minutes in), Director of Product Management for Google’s Cloud Platform, discussing these new features.

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