Running CQL Queries Directly from Google Spreadsheet

CoolaSQL (CQL) is the query language provided by CoolaData to analyze data stored in CoolaData’s platform. CQL supports multiple proprietary clauses, functions and special fields, allowing for flexible analysis of typical behavioral patterns through dedicated widgets, such as path analysis, cohort analysis and funnel analysis. CQL queries enable the open investigation of data, starting from raw data and all the way through to any aggregation and filtering.

Customers who need a fast and flexible way to run their CQL queries can new use CoolaData’s now Google Spreadsheet add-on, bringing the power of CQL right into Spreadsheet. CoolaData’s customers can leverage the flexibility of Spreadsheet to answer ad-hoc business questions. The rich and versatile environment of Google Spreadsheet enables the viewing of thousands of rows of data, the use of pivots, etc.

This add-on is available to all CoolaData customers with an existing Google account. It is currently available for download from the Chrome Web Store.

A CoolaData representative provides each customer with a token and project ID to get them started. Once our customers enter a query in the Google Spreadsheet add-on, they’re ready to go.

Let’s look at an example… Say we want to see the top ten recurring navigation events on our gaming app. First, we add the following query to the CoolaData setup box on the right. Then we hit Run Query. The results appears immediately on the left, and we now have a familiar, accessible tool for working with our data.

Sample CQL (funnel)

SELECT user_id
FROM cooladata
WHERE date_range(last 6 months)
AND (user_country IN (“FR”, “GB”, “FR”))
STARTS WITH “Play song”
FOLLOWED BY “Next song”
FOLLOWED BY “Next song”

Contact us, or send an email directly to your CoolaData Customer Success Manager today to get the new Spreadsheet add-on.

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