Cool New Behavioral Analytics Features You’ll Love

CoolaData maintains its leadership in Behavioral Analytics by delivering a steady stream of features that answer our customers’ needs. We’re excited to introduce some really cool new features from our latest release. Here’s a summary of the greatest enhancements across the infrastructure, ETL and data enrichment, the CoolaSQL querying engine to the data visualization.

Analysis (CQL Engine) and Data Visualization

Path Analysis with Sunburst visualization

The Sunburst is now the main path-analysis visualization, added to the visualizations panel.  The Sunburst path analysis highlights the most popular paths clearly. You can explore the paths Interactively and track them individually using the interactive breadcrumb feature. Not merely a pretty and intuitive face, the Sunburst report is the result of the power of CQL that includes behavioral functions to enable this behavioral path analysis.

Path analysis Sunburst data visualization

Funnel analysis of multiple events

CoolaSQL now supports multiple events for each of the funnel steps. A powerful enhancement to enable deep behavioral funnel analysis that goes beyond a single event per step. For example, define the first funnel step as users who signed-in or registered and then added an item to the cart and ended up purchasing using either a coupon or a claimed discount.

The CoolaSQL query looks like that
CLUSTER FUNNEL…. START WITH sign_in OR register AS step_1 FOLLOWED BY add_to_cart AS step_2 FOLLOWED BY  purchase_with_coupon OR purchase_with_claimed_discount AS step_3.

Or alternatively, it can be easily configured on the funnel report.

Funnel analysis configuration

New Pivot Table

Pivot table has now been added to the behavioral analysis tool-set. You can now interact with the data, and build powerful pivot tables. With the pivot table, you can slice and dice, create filters, perform conditional formatting, drill down/drill through and add calculated fields. Also, various export options have been added.

Behavioral analysis pivot table

Reverse Cohort

Reverse Cohort report is now available in the reports options. The Reverse Cohort is a powerful analysis tool that let’s you analyze behavior backwards, starting from the end goal event.
A classic analysis for reverse cohort would be of Churn, starting from the end event of cart abandonment.

The CQL query will start with the ending with event. for example
CLUSTER COHORT…. ENDING  WITH purchase_bonus_item….  PRECEDED BY level_up

in the report configuration, the reverse cohort will start with users Having first done level_up

Reverse Cohort analysis configuration

Behavioral Segments

The behavioral segments can now be used in future analyses. Use your behavioral segments to filter reports, perform deep analysis of a particular segment or compare between a behavioral segments.

This is how filtering by the behavioral user segment of Imminent Churn looks like. It could just as well be more complex behavioral segments like users who read for example three articles of different categories, or even users who completed two levels of the game in a row within the same day.

Behavioral Analytics segment

Improved Embedding

Embedding behavioral reports is now made easy and secure. You can now securely embed reports in your internal or external site as a white-label solution, including data export (good for partner portals). You can programmatically filter on date or any property.

Browse Your Data Schema Tree

You can now easily browse all your events and event properties. That’s so helpful in creating queries and filters.

Data Schema


Some Infra enhancements

Event-processing improvements

Enhanced data accuracy by blocking more types of invalid events. Improvements to monitoring and handling of data quality assurance.

Security and privacy enhancements

CoolaData validated as complianct with enterprise-grade security requirements. Enhanced permission model for administrators.

Your thoughts?

We value your feedback. Your need is our command. Please send any product related feedback to our Customer Success team.

It’s all in the Coola Docs, and if you’d like to see all these features in action – Watch the recording of the live demo here.

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