Path Analysis

A user logs onto your eCommerce platform, browses through a few product pages, creates an account and then logs off. A path is this chain of consecutive events performed by a given user or cohort. This path is a visual portrayal of every event performed during a set period of time.

Path analysis is used by behavioral analytics to investigate and understand user behavior. At CoolaData we also use it in order to gain actionable insights into data.

Tracking a user’s path through a platform, and even creating a visual representation of it, is not enough because it does not provide us with concrete insights to act upon. The real question is: how do you learn from it?

The first step is to determine what you need to analyze and what your analysis goals are. You might be trying to figure out why your application is running slow, or why certain types of users are interested in specific products, or whether your user interface is set up in the most logical and effective way.

So for example: say a large percentage of a certain cohort – in this case people between the ages of 18-25 – logs into an online game and then spends the next ten minutes wandering around the menu page. There may be a problem with the game’s user experience. By examining this group of users as it follows its path, you will be able to analyze the data and realize that potentially, a call to action for playing the game is unclear. Thus, path analysis is able to provide actionable data to act on and fix an error.

Path analysis can help customize a personalized eCommerece shopping experience. When presented with products other customers in a certain cohort looked at, a platform can suggest “items you may also like” and potentially increase the chances of making a sale.

Path analysis can also help solve performance issues on a platform. For example, a company looks at a path and realizes that its site freezes up after a certain string of events. The company can pinpoint this error and fix it by analyzing the path and the progression of events leading to the error.

With the growth of big data and business analytics tools, we’re now seeing the ability to learn from data in a path. CoolaData’s innovative, visual representation of these actions is interactive, customizable and it leads to actionable insights.

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