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If you’re as excited about your product usage insights as we are, you probably don’t want to keep all that to yourself – you want to share it with your customers and partners. You want to leverage those insights not only to optimize your product and increase growth, but to spur your customer, partner or media agency’s growth as well.

We often hear from customers, “Sure, I’d love to share the conversion funnel and performance report with my customers, but how do I limit their view to their data only”? Isolating only that part of the data that is relevant and valuable for that partner – is a challenge.

We at CoolaData believe that the power of digital intelligence is about dynamic product analysis that yields worthy insights. And that they should be shared with everyone involved in the product’s optimization and growth.

That’s why we’ve developed a range of sharing options that enhances transparency while at the same time keeps you, the product owner, in control of data privacy and access permissions.

Evaluate Campaign Performance with Integrated 3rd Party Reports

Whether it’s an engagement report, campaign performance or behavioral path analysis, your partners deserve those insights. But when giving your partners this kind of transparency, you might understandably not want to just give them full access to your analytics. So what’s the solution?

Here’s how our customer Pace Media,  a leading TV advertising agency based in the UK serving customers mainly with disruptive and exciting mobile gaming apps, does it. Pace Media believes in data-driven planning and optimization and offers unique analytics based on data collected from both online and offline sources. They offer a collaborative approach with their customers by offering campaign analysis and insights.

The TV ads they produce mainly promote game installs, so customers are interested in the impact of their ads in terms of number of downloads and installs in order to understand the value of the ad performance compared to the cost.

Fusion analytics report ad performance
The impact of ads, cost and effect (By TV channel)

Such reports analyze data coming from different sources, and are joined elegantly into a single report. The ad cost (or impact in another report) is merged with data coming from the mobile attribution, showing the success of the ad in terms of conversion, segmented by the TV channel.

Using CoolaData’s advanced data permission management, they can provide customers with access to analytics reports that offer full transparency on their ad performance.

Analytics dashboards can be shared or embedded as white label analytics in any partner portal or webpage. It’s so easy to get the insights that your customers have no idea they’re looking at such a powerful and advanced behavioral analytics platform!

Share the Conversion Funnel as the Base for Optimization

Another customer of ours that enables group purchasing for different products and services, such as online travel tickets or channel subscriptions – enables its partners with a view of the conversion funnel report – analyzing the steps from invitation events to the final conversion of purchase. Partners are also able to slice the data by days or segment the funnel according to different regions. Permission management allows data to be viewed only for specific customers.

Here we see the conversion funnel analysis with the insight that in this particular campaign, only the group from North Carolina completed purchases for group travel to the Grand Canyon.

eCommerce analytics conversion funnel

Their partner needs to have this insight to understand that groups from other geographic regions are dropping out of that funnel. Perhaps by offering these different regions a variety of group travel options, they’ll have better insights into what types of group travel interests them.

Gain a Holistic View of Your Product Performance

Another familiar data sharing scenario occurs when a customer has to run campaigns across various e-commerce sites and needs to be updated constantly on the performance of these campaigns or products. One of our customers, a leading eCommerce brand that partners with retailers, needed to understand how the different products perform across different retailer’s sites. This powerful competitive analysis provides actionable insights for both the brand and the retailer.

Product performance analytics
Product Performance Across Different Retailer Sites

When this level of transparency is shared with a brand, the different parties can work together to optimize their results. Manufacturers might consult with retailers to encourage more sales. Ecommerce retailers might review their product content or UX-related issues to determine if visitors are getting stuck or explore other methods to ensure performance is on par with other retailers.

Understand the Details of Product Usage via Product Analytics

Sometimes you don’t need a holistic view of your product or campaign; you want the nitty-gritty.  Our customer Back& offers an exciting cloud solution for backend-as-a-service for AngularJS and ReactJS, providing out-of-the-box social login, real-time communication, Ionic integration and much more. It not only shares a full range of detailed analytics on the use of their product with their customers, but even charges according to these analytics.

We chose CoolaData as our product analytics. It was easy to take a complete analytics solution and integrate it with our product. With this we can offer full transparency of the performance and usage of our solution.  Customers appreciate that. “ says Itay Herskovits, Co-founder and CTO of Back&.

Here’s one of the reports that back& customers see – in the analytics section of the  back& product itself. This report shows product usage – the number of requests per objects, over time.

Product usage analytics
Back& product usage report – Requests per Object

In addition, Back& share other server side performance reports, activity reports including a world map of users and even charges reports based on the data of usage.

Transparency is the Best Policy

If you don’t share your data with your customers, you can’t build that level of trust needed for true business growth. We know that sometimes it’s hard to look at your performance results and admit that a few of your great campaign ideas were a flop.  As the Dalai Lama said: “A lack of transparency results in distrust and a deep sense of insecurity.” By sharing your data and insights, you’ll consistently produce stronger business partners that will work with you for the long haul.

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