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Digital behavior on apps and websites seamlessly generates masses of user data, impelling us analysts, marketers and product people to connect the data dots and understand the user journey.

What drives these users toward conversion (conversion funnel) and what characterizes their actions (segmentation)? All of this falls under the general term of web analytics. For many, web analytics is synonymous with Google Analytics (GA), as it is generally the very first analytics that is added on every website or app.  But not long after, you feel the need to move beyond tracking your audience and understanding how they navigate between the pages. You need to understand how users are behaving when they use your product.

As you explore the landscape and search for advanced analytics, you’ll find that it’s a crowded space with many solutions baring very similar names. And they all promise to deliver the same – actionable insights.

So if you’re a marketer, does that mean that what you need falls under marketing analytics? Are only mobile analytics or app analytics suitable for mobile applications? If you have a mobile app and website – do you need both mobile and web analytics or something more specialized? You need a big data solution, is business intelligence the right solution for you?  Do you need social analytics to analyze campaigns? And how do you connect it with my website analytics? What is predictive analytics and what it can predict?  What is in-page analytics and how does it work with web analytics? What are the metrics and KPIs you should be looking at? What are the advantages of analyzing raw data — or is sampled data good enough?

We know it’s confusing, and the answers aren’t black or white. We wish it were.  As a company that turns user events-data into real insights on user behavior, while transcending BI to the needs of digital businesses — we learned the difference.

That’s why we’ve taken up the challenge to map the analytics and BI landscape and bring it all under one wiki of collaborative knowledge.

We’ve collected all the relevant information from leading publications and experts in the field of web analytics and business intelligence so you can better navigate the analytics space. Once you familiarize yourself more on what’s out there, you’ll be able to make a better decision for finding the right tools for your product and goals.

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