Power Funnels

Just like physical funnels direct large amounts of matter into a more focused stream, so does a Power Funnel. But rather than directing water in a bottle, CoolaData’s Power Funnel directs user behavior towards actionable insights. Our funnel allows you to narrow down and focus on the specific users who performed a given set of actions in order to understand why, and then do something about it.

We have posted about funnels before, but now we have a new tutorial that explains the ins and outs of CoolaData’s Power Funnels, best used to analyze online or mobile user processes. Check out the previous blog post here for a basic refresher about funnels. Our new tutorial goes over how CoolaData’s Power Funnel can identify problematic steps in your flow, help you understand where users are dropping off and then see the effects of improvements integrated into your processes.

This widget is still in beta, but we’ve already rolled it out to all our customers. Contact us for more information.


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