The Webcollage Portal: Delivering Insights That Matter

Since 1999, Webcollage has set the industry standard for publishing rich product information to retail websites. The Webcollage® Content Publisher platform helps manufacturers and brands to maintain consistency and integrity across retailer’s ecommerce sites, by offering a single point of control for all rich product content including, images, 360 degree interactive tours, videos, comparison tables and PDF datasheets that are published across all retail sites.

Given its strategic place in this ecommerce ecosystem, Webcollage realized the potential of the unique data of shopper interaction with enhanced product content to empower its customers and retailers with insights on how rich content is spread via shopper engagement.

Webcollage has chosen Cooladata to provide it with the business intelligence and behavioral analytics power necessary to harness this potential.

“Cooladata’s analytics reports enable our partners to determine which types of rich product content is most engaging shoppers and how to best adjust to make their product pages most effective.” says Zvika Moretzky, Sr. Director, Product Management at Webcollage.

Easy Adoption of White Label Full Stack Analytics

Cooladata provided Webcollage with the end-to-end white label analytics solution, covering all aspects from event tracking & collection from various websites, easy integration of legacy data and “offline” data sources such as CRM data and product catalogues. Cooladata also supports Webcollage with a fully managed big data warehouse, full scale behavioral analytics and reporting capabilities.

Going further, Webcollage is now armed with secured embedding and sharing of reports with all stakeholders.

Today, the Webcollage platform is powered with a full analytics suite, providing all types of performance reports on shopper engagement with different rich product content types, and on how the different products perform across retail sites. This empowers Webcollage customers with the data-driven competitive edge, powering content and user experience optimization along with accelerated conversions.

Insight-driven Rich Content Optimization

By aggregating all shopper product engagement event data, manufacturers can see how their products are performing across all retail sites and which rich content works best for each product. Using reports such as the one below for example, brands can see an aggregated view of how shoppers engage with video.

Webcollage portal product analytics

Sharing of Insights

Webcollage shares all this information via an intuitive and secured portal for clients (brands and manufacturers) and retail partners.

Clients can see the complete shopper journey directly from the Webcollage Content Publisher reporting dashboard. They can then analyze and visualize this data to optimize as necessary.

Similarly, retail partners gain the ability to know how various brands are selling on their own sites. They can then use this information to optimize the brand’s offerings on their site(s).

“We chose Cooladata because it empowers our partners to analyze consumer behavior within minutes and respond to any complex business questions in real time,” explained Zvika Moretzky, Sr. Director of Product Management at Webcollage. “Cooladata’s strength lies in its ability to share and embed these reports, enabling us to offer our partners full transparency into content and product performance.”

Why Cooladata?

This has proven to be a win for Webcollage, their clients and retail partners. And chalk up a win for Cooladata for providing the advanced analytical capabilities Webcollage needed.

To summarize, here’s why Webcollage chose Cooladata to invigorate their analytics suite and power their portal.

  • Full behavioral analytics suite.
  • Data Warehouse-as-a-Service: Query API and the ability to ask any question, Open platform – enables to upload data via integrations, Materialized Views to optimize query-running performance.
  • Built for scale.
  • Out-of-the-box reports and dashboards.
  • Cross-platform sessionization and tracking.
  • Embedded Reports, advanced permissions management.
  • Seamless integration of multiple sources and continuous maintenance of data collection.

In short, a complete data analytics platform. No maintenance – just insights.
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