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Unified Online and Offline Data = Deeper Insights

Your customers interact with you through your website, product, social media, email, on their phones and their computers. As a result, your data is everywhere, and making sense of it was impossible. Until now.

Connect the Dots to Expose the Entire Customer Journey

Cooladata helps you connect the dots. We show you not only what happens, but who does it. The result? A single, seamless customer journey that reveals how people interact with your brand. Unifying your customer data is the only way to answer complex questions that involve multiple touch points in the customer journey.

Optimize Every Stage of the Customer Lifecycle

Unified user data plays a key role in optimizing every stage of the customer lifecycle. Your success as a digital business depends on truly understanding what your customers do across every step of their journey, from acquisition to conversion to retention to monetization.

"Cooladata is disrupting the data industry and redesigning how
companies study human behavior"

Cooladata For BI and Data Teams

Never Worry About Infrastructure Again

Get all the power of a data warehouse without the headaches and cost of building and maintaining one. Our self-learning architecture will automatically detect the types of data you’re streaming into it and optimize the database accordingly. We use Smart Query Shipment to auto-detect the data you’re most likely to query so we can cache it for you for faster access. Whether you stream 100 or 100 billion events a day, Cooladata is built to scale: our architecture automatically adapts to optimize runtime.

Say Goodbye to Reporting Backlog

You don’t like holding teams back when they’re waiting for reports from you, or having them act without data because reports take too long. Cooladata lets everyone in your company get instant answers to even the most complex business questions without writing a single line of code. Create custom reports for each team that update automatically and can be delivered via email, SMS, Slack or embedded on a webpage. You have full control over who sees what and when.

Ready for Behavioral Analysis

Cooladata is ready for behavioral analysis right out-of-the-box. Just import your data, select one of our pre-made reports and dashboards (or create your own), and start analyzing data today!

You’re in Control of Your Data

Cooladata gives you full control over your data. Import any data you want — structured, semi-structured or unstructured, have access to your raw data (not just samples), manage invalids and aggregation tables, and export your data to a file or to any tool in your tech stack via our API. Your data is yours and Cooladata gives you the flexibility to do whatever you want with it.

Trust Your Data

Unify all your data sources for a single source of truth. Shift conversations away from incongruences among different data sources, and towards the essence of what data is telling you. Trust the data your company relies on to make decisions.

No More Long SQL Queries

Because SQL wasn’t designed for time-series analysis, we built CQL, an SQL extension that gives you all the power of SQL but requires only 20% of the code. Spend your time on strategic data projects, not writing long SQL queries.

“Harness the power of business intelligence without the six-figure
budget required to build a data warehouse”

“You can literally ask any business question you have.
The ability to ask the question is as important as the answer.”

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“Cooladata provided us with a complete end-to-end solution. It offered the fastest time-to-market and lowest total cost of ownership, while enabling us to answer complex behavioral business questions on the fly.”

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“Cooladata helped us understand our customers and how they interact with our games. We can now make much more educated decisions about game development, marketing campaigns and user engagement.”

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“Cooladata gave us a real competitive edge in understanding our customer behavior. The ability to calculate LTV and apply retention analysis on different segments has helped us get the answers we’ve been seeking.”

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Improve engagement, retention and monetization

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