Seamless data prep, powerful analytics and predictable pricing


Automatic data normalisation

Execute complex queries with ease. Cooladata stores your data in a single flat fact table using automatic data normalisation. We automatically unnest your data on the fly for better storage and querying, eliminating headaches caused by data maintenance and subquerying.


Super ETL

Stream and batch data into your project. Sessionize and smear customer events to glean a deeper insight into your users. Execute accurate queries to understand important user events in your app.


Zero maintenance

Cooladata provides a managed data warehouse using simple, self-learning and zero maintenance data schema. We take care of your data storage and streaming needs.


Multiple Firebase projects per Cooladata project

Consolidate multiple projects into one queryable schema regardless of your Firebase pricing plan.


Build your own dashboards and reports

No more predefined reports, build as many dashboards as you like. Quickly build product parameterised dashboards for partners, vendors or external parties. Use third-party tools such as PowerBI and Tableau with your current Firebase infrastructure.


Enrich your raw data

Enrich your raw data with Firebase real-time data and leverage additional data points from attribution systems such as affiliate networks or marketing automation. Optimise your data and truly act on insights.



JSON flattening

Data is much easier to query, scan costs are lower.


Self-learning architecture

Send any event or property and Cooladata will update your schema and tables accordingly. There is no need to add and maintain fields.


No more joins

Unify Firebase and non-Firebase projects into a single fact table.


Unlimited properties per event

Go beyond 25 unique parameters with each event type. With Cooladata, there is no limit to the number of custom properties and dimensions per event.


Enrich events and properties using third party data

lntegrate third party data such as Appsflyer into existing tables and sessions.



Automatically group events by user and time into sessions.



User and session scope properties across all relevant events.


Resolve issues stemming from inefficient data modelling

Cooladata automatically recognises and removes duplicated data.


Enriching from Firebase real-time database

Combine all properties and dimensions from Firebase into the fact table. Optimise insights by merging both raw and real-time data.


Aggregation tables

Create aggregation tables using SQL, R and Python.


Liberate your own schema

Manage, edit and review your events and properties in one place, one table without being confined to Firebase Analytics.


R and Python support

AII your raw and real-time data in one place - ready to be manipulated or queried with R and Python interfaces for Machine Learning, custom visualisation and other purposes.


Custom visualisation, alerts and reports

Use Cooladata visualisation to create publications and alerts for any data-driven discussion. Alternatively, you can use third party visualisation tools including Tableau and Power BI.


Low and predictable cost

Scale worry-free with low and predictable cost. Pricing is based on data volume, so we grow with your business. Bring as many users, run as many queries and build as many dashboards as you like. You get unlimited seats and unlimited queries at a flat fee.

"Cooladata is an intelligence tool that just works. There's no need to maintain servers and build a BI infrastructure, but on the other hand it gives you full BI capabilities."

Guy Regev, VP R&D at Lucky Fish Games

“Cooladata provided us with a complete end-to-end solution. It offered the fastest time-to-market and lowest total cost of ownership, while enabling us to answer complex behavioral business questions on the fly.”

A. Peled, CEO

Powerful and Deeper Analytics