Powerful and Deeper Analytics


Automatic data normalisation

Ask any questions you like regardless by automatic normalisation that will store your data in a single flat fact table. Cooladata automatically unnests your data on the fly for better storage and querying without having to worry about maintenance or syntax of subquerying.


Super ETL

Stream and batch data into your project. Let us sessionize and smear customer events for better understanding and accurate querying of important actions done in an app.


Zero maintenance

Cooladata is a managed data warehouse with a simple, self-learningand zero maintenance data scheme. We take care of your data storage and streaming needs.


Multiple Firebase projects per Cooladata project

Consolidate multiple projects into onequeryable schema regardless of whether you are on a free or paid Firebase pricing plan.


Build your own dashboards and reports

No more predefined reports, build as manydashboards as you like. Quickly build product parameterised dashboards for partners, vendors or external parties. Use third-party tools such as PowerBI and Tableau with your current Firebase infrastructure.


Enrich your raw data

Enrich your raw data with Firebase realtime data and bring additional data points from attribution systems to truly act on insights.

"Cooladata is an intelligence tool that just works. There's no need to maintain servers and build a BI infrastructure, but on the other hand it gives you full BI capabilities." "My advice to others building startups - focus your efforts on building the product, and let people who know about BI build that part. Many R&D teams get fascinated with the data and start building their old tooling with Hadoop, MongoDB, and so on - it's possible but it's a draining, de-focusing exercise. It will deplete the valuable resources you could be using to build a better product and a stronger business." "Cooladata allowed us to forget about the data part and just build the best game we could."

Guy Regev, VP R&D at Lucky Fish Games

“Cooladata provided us with a complete end-to-end solution. It offered the fastest time-to-market and lowest total cost of ownership, while enabling us to answer complex behavioral business questions on the fly.”

A. Peled, CEO

Simple and Powerful analytics