How is Cooladata different from Mixpanel?

Many customers contact us saying they have outgrown Mixpanel or find it to be too expensive as they grow. Others tell us that Mixpanel can only analyze metrics from their web and mobile – obviously, data is everywhere and you need to analyze it to better understand and grow your business. Cooladata enables you to easily analyze all of your data, quickly, in a more cost-effective means.

Stream data from any source and immediately analyze

Your customer data, events and intelligence are highly distributed. Cooladata allows you to easily capture information from web, marketing campaigns, social channels such as Facebook, mobile and beyond into a single place for quick and easy analysis so that you can take better action, faster. Mixpanel is limited in scope (mobile and web only) and forces you to export data from another data warehouse.

Scalability and Cost

Cooladata support billions of events per month at a fraction of the cost of Mixpanel. You can start with Cooladata using a free trial or our freemium version. Mixpanel is very expensive. Entry point plans in Mixpanel appear inexpensive, but are very limited and support very low numbers of events.

Depth & flexibility to your analyst

Full standard SQL capabilities plus behavioral extensions compare to the basic Mixpanel limited SQL & proprietary JQL.

Users and actions, Cooladata provides powerful analysis

Cooladata defines users by their actions in order to fully understand behavioral patterns. For deep understanding of cohorts, Cooladata leverages certain segments to measure the number of times completed actions occur. You can segment users by certain actions and respond with a campaign. For example, show me all of the users that added to cart , and then abandoned. Then, you can easily export data from Cooladata and launch a specific campaign. This capability is critical for truly understanding how users interact with your application.

In Mixpanel, data between events and users are separate. This means that you are unable to run reports like “Find users who have done X.” With Mixpanel, user reporting is limited to user attributes and not events.

Mixpanel only allows one filter per funnel setup, limiting funnel analysis to only one dimension. Cooladata is highly configurable, enabling you to quickly add any dimension to compare and then create a segmented funnel. For example, “show me all of the people who clicked “start” then “continue” then “purchase”. Cooladata displays this information, but can easily segment and break down the information by geography, device, gender, referral source and many other attribute types.

Visualization & Reports for Everyone

CoolaData provides embeddable dashboards and reports that you can easily customize for every department and use case: executives, marketing, sales, product, finance, etc. Mixpanel’s UI, reports and dashboards are not configurable and are designed only for the marketing department.

Features Comparison
Designed for
SMB -Enterprise
ROI for Social/media/ads spend (FB ads, Google adwords, SF, Mailchimp and others.
Google Adwords

API Language
Query language API
Full SQL + Behavioral Extensions
Requires 3rd party
JDBC access
User Path Analysis
Federated Queries
Automatic Data Aggregation
Join event data with external data

cohort/ funnel/ KPI reports
Embed report
Report on external data

Designed both for Business Analysts & Data Scientists/ SQL Engineers
Out of the box dashboards for Gaming, eCommerce, and Media