Pace Media’s Journey: Proving the ROI of TV Advertising in an Online World

Pace Media (recently acquired by the UK agency TSW) is a TV advertising agency based in London. But it’s an ad agency with a spin: the company leverages new technology and new types of data to bring
modern analytics to the old world of TV advertising.

Pace helps companies that sell online, such as mobile app providers and eCommerce sites, take their first steps in TV advertising, proving that this “old school” media is still a very effective channel to grow revenue.

Advertisers in Search of ROI

Traditionally, the main metric used to measure TV advertising was ratings. For example, in the UK, TVR (Television Viewer Rating) is a number that reflects the percentage of a given audience (such as young men) who viewed a TV show. The actual TVR measured for a TV show, together with the commercial value of the audience, determines ad spot pricing.