AppsFlyer integration enables you to combine mobile attribution data with deep behavioral analytics. CoolaData’s partnership with AppsFlyer helps bridge the complex interplay between mobile attribution and deep behavioral analysis. AppsFlyer is integrated with hundreds of media partners and we’re proud to work with them on it. Customers of both platforms can now easily benefit from this integration, which is set up via a simple wizard on the AppsFlyer side. You can easily choose what Appsflyer data you want to send into CoolaData for behavioral analysis.

CoolaData provides a unified behavioral analytics database in the cloud and allows you to run deep behavioral analyses on your user events. CoolaData does not offer a method for user identification, but does require a unique user ID to be sent when logging any event. The minimum set of properties provided are event name, event timestamp and user ID.

The AppsFlyer-CoolaData integration allows you to track activation, retention and other behavioral analyses and link them to the campaigns identified by AppsFlyer allowing you to optimize your campaigns by quality of customers via customer lifetime value (LTV) and virality scores as well as quantity of installs.

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