Time-Series Behavioral Analytics

Analyze beyond a snapshot in real time to see a timeline of user actions and understand how they behave and why they behave as they do.

Time-saving CQL Provides Powerful SQL Functionality With Less Code

Turn any complex question you can think of into a query that brings you immediate answers to your most critical business questions. Our queries are custom built for behavioral analysis over time with a UI instead of endless lines of SQL code. That means quick queries and fast answers — so you can react to those business insights and drive business growth.

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People and Sessions

Create and query any type of customer behavior instead of relying on actions at frozen points in time that you get with traditional analytics. Track your customers on their journey across sessions and devices, as well as on their transformation from anonymous visitors to converted customers. By unifying your customer data across their journey and analyzing a timeline of behavioral events, you’ll know who they are – and more importantly — understand their behavior.

Powerfully Insightful Visualization

From retention to funnel, path and cohort analysis, our powerful visualization feature is tailored for behavioral insights. Whether presented as pie charts, line graphs or funnels, display the data the way you want to view customer behavior at a moment’s notice.

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A BI and Advanced Behavioral Analytics Solution

Transform raw data queries into valuable real-time insights you can quickly act on.

Timeline-like Behavioral Visualization

Our robust reporting tools are built to visualize user behavior over time for Cohort, Reverse Cohort, Path and Funnel Analysis. Get insights in real time and optimize the user experience immediately.

Quick Answers to Any Business Question

Equipped with our smart querying CQL (CoolaSQL), behavioral functions and wizards easily configure your funnels, cohorts, path, pivot tables, or any other visualization. Easily ask any business question and query raw-level data for quick answers and immediate insights.  Nothing is out of the question in your search for answers.

Agile Querying

Light on code, heavy on insights, CQL (CoolaSQL) provides what you need to query big data and receive answers to the most complicated questions, allowing you to grow your business while getting a leg up on the competition.

Visualize the Complete User Journey

Get powerful behavioral insights by analyzing un-siloed customer touchpoint data. See the entire customer journey, instantly empowering you to optimize the user experience.

PlayBuzz tracks a huge volume of 3 billion events monthly which enables it to extrapolate data and provide priceless insights to partners. By using the network’s items, publishers benefit from highly viral and cool articles, which track new users and improve the stickiness of existing ones. PlayBuzz’s goal is for publishers to embed more of the network’s content, instead of mostly each creating their own. Check out how CoolaData increased publisher engagement.

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As a data scientist, I’m challenged with the more complex business questions. As a proactive analyst looking to identify user behavior patterns or predict trends, I have to move beyond the more limiting two-dimensional funnel analytics visualization to drill down or compare behaviors.

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Digital Intelligence Rules in the Age of Insights

In traditional analytics, user statuses are static, single states, or events frozen in time. A user’s demographics, referring campaign, device they use, or session duration are all points in the user’s history that don’t give you much of an understanding of the present.

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Timesaving Queries for Commonly Asked Business Questions

You need to be able to react quickly to the needs that are typical of dynamic digital businesses. Well, we’ve taken care of that. Meet the Web Analytics Query Bank, containing all the popular business questions and the matching queries in gaming, media, eCommerce, and other

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