CoolaData provides the capability to query data from linked (external) sources. This functionality can be used together with Client Side Joins, and provide the opportunity to blend data from CoolaData’s data source and external data sources.

Cooladata offers data integration with Google BigQuery. Seamlessly join data sets together before enriching, analyzing and visualizing them together with all other data sources. Query any Big Query dataset by enabling CoolaData account access. Once access is in place, direct queries to the Big Query table you wish to work on.

Connect to an existing database

If you have a db in your organization which you like to query, set up the connection string to access it directly through CoolaData.

Why is this useful?

  • Getting a unified view – data is collected in many systems and a unified view enables analysts to present a comprehensive picture.
  • Query, visualize and share data from existing data sources – once a connection string is set, you can use CoolaData’s Analytical Document to query it by using our CQL widget.
  • Join data together – use our fusion widget to join data from several data sources.
  • Generate materialized views – set queries to run data aggregations and record the results in any data source we are connected to.



About Cooladata
We make it easy to track, capture and analyze each customer’s journey and turn them in actionable insights to improve engagement, retention and monetization. Built to collect data from any source. Cooladata’s big data infrastructure covers all components from tracking, managed data warehousing, and ETL – all the way to the visualization layer.
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