Cooladata Google Cloud Storage integration enables you to upload your data files onto Google Bucket. By doing this your data files are also automatically loaded to Cooladata giving you the ability to analyze and query the data on Cooladata platform right then and there. Just upload the content of any CSV or JSON file from a Google Cloud Storage bucket into your CoolaData project. This type of integration is typically used to enrich your CoolaData events with your own data. CoolaData creates a dedicated bucket for you in Google Cloud Storage and then automatically uploads the file name and file type that you specify every hour.

To upload content into CoolaData from a Google Cloud Storage Bucket

  1. Contact your CoolaData customer success representative or write to Ask them to create a Google Cloud Storage bucket for you into which you can dump your CSV and JSON files to be integrated into CoolaData.
  2. Upload your files into this Google Cloud Storage bucket. For example, by using the UPLOAD FILES button in the Google Cloud Platform user interface. You could also use the gsutil tool in order to automate this process. See the following link for some useful commands:
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