Last-minute Travel Takes the Lead as a Data-Driven Business

As a customer-centric online business, LMT strives to provide the best booking experience on all devices, giving customers an easy way to visually compare offers and easily book the best travel option.
Their advanced omni-channel marketing, combined with the high volume of visitors and many customer touchpoints across all apps and sites, made them hit the boundaries of their existing analytics solutions.

They realized the need for advanced analytics and BI to answer the more complex business questions and deliver in-depth insights about their travelers’ needs.

As marketing technology professionals, LMT wanted the most robust solution to leverage the massive amount of data collected and allow them to ask any business question to best assess the full impact of their marketing efforts across their different channels and customer touchpoints. As a cost-effective alternative to building their own in-house analytics solution,
LMT’s independent BI team instead chose to quickly implement Cooladata’s complete fully managed solution to collect, store and analyze data from all data sources, including data that included far-reaching insights on their conversion funnels. This gave LMT the data-driven edge in the travel industry that they had been seeking.

  • A more accurate analysis of the various conversion funnels and the micro conversions in between.
  • Identifying the most valuable customers with time-series analytics.
  • Calculate the number of emails that cause an uplift in revenue for each campaign.