LuckyFish Games Gets Lucky with Cooladata Behavioral Analytics

With CoolaData we get a clear view about our customers and games and the way they interact together. CoolaData helps us to make educated decisions about game development, campaigns and users.” —Guy Regev, VP R&D at LuckyFish

The Luckiest Fish in the Pond, Go LuckyFish!

LuckyFish is the online gaming company that is responsible for many successful social games, both for desktop and mobile. LuckyFish created OMG! Fortune that was an instant hit, and since its launch in 2012 has over 12 million social users and 2.5 million app downloads. LuckyFish developed a unique engine that lets them as a company launch new games to their growing player base in record time, and wrap the games with social features such as sharing, gifting, tournaments, and many more sociable aspects.

LuckyFish needed to capture and analyze millions of events that relate to player behavior, game performance, and other social parameters that influence actions.  LuckyFish was looking for a scalable solution that could grow instantly in peaks, be cost effective, and could also make data available for insights in record time.
Furthermore, LuckyFish wanted to import data that was collected prior to adopting Cooladata so they wouldn’t lose their initial investment and could also query current data in conjunction with historical data.

Based on their assessment, the LuckyFish development team made a decision to implement Cooladata’s solution and enjoy the ability to have deep analysis of user actions while taking advantage of Cooladata’s warehousing capabilities. They imported all of their game history and loaded it via Cooladata’s ETL component. They Integrated Cooladata across their platform which supports the website with JavaScript and both iOS and Android.

LuckyFish swim in pods

LuckyFish is a data-driven company who wanted to extend their data sources even further and analyze their Mobile Advertising data. Cooladata supports many third-party services and blends the data stored with them together so a company can analyze and optimize the acquisition channels for a more accurate and holistic approach of a user journey. In this way, Cooladata enabled LuckyFish to take all of those insights and turn them into automated and personalized marketing campaigns. Thus, LuckyFish is able to cater to all of their players with the most fitting offerings based on insights achieved with Cooladata.

Fishing for compliments

Onboarding with Cooladata was a breeze, allowing LuckyFish to instantly analyze and get insights, which later allowed them to quickly make educated marketing, operational, and product decisions.

All LuckyFish teams work with one system in order to gain better information and make better decisions, which is at the core of LuckyFish culture, and Cooladata is  honored to help achieve their goals in a fast and cost-efficient way without them having to worry about their analytics infrastructure.

LuckyFish Games is a unique Online Gaming Platform which operates across social networks and has produced games like OMG! Fortune, the world’s 1st Facebook Fortune Games application. The games are based on the mechanics of Scratch Cards, Wheel of Fortune, Slot Machines, Bingo, etc. Unlike pure gambling games, LuckyFish’s games do not enable payouts and are based on micropayments only. The LuckyFish community grows daily and is based mostly on mature female audience who are the most profitable audience in the Fortune and Bingo Games category.