mySupermarket’s Solution: Cooladata’s Flexibility and Openness

Cooladata’s ability to process billions of events, while enabling flexibility with its behavioral query language, was the perfect combination for mySupermarket. Events were sent to CoolaData directly from mySupermarkets website, mobile app and internal systems – Cooladata was able to collect all the data from these different sources and combine them into one user journey. Developing a comparable solution in-house was not an option, as mySupermarket needed answers fast. Cooladata’s solution enabled mySupermarket to deploy in just days and have the capabilities it needed to understand mySupermarket’s user segments with an emphasis on ROPOs – shoppers who Research Online, Purchase Offline – and Omni channels, like responsive mobile/web design. Cooladata enabled mySupermarket to drill even deeper with different segments inside its ROPO, analyzing behavior all the way to the user level. This lead mySupermaket to target specific audiences with tailored offerings and resulted in increased conversion.


“You can literally ask any business question you have.  The ability to ask the question is as important as the answer”
— Lior Ash, COO