The Cool Academy of Behavioral Analyitcs

Webinar Quick Answers to Complex Business Questions

Analyzing user behavior over time can get easier and quicker, when using a platform that is built to analyze masses of user event-data to provide answers to behavioral business questions. In this webinar you will learn how to easily ask the questions, No SQL or data scientist skills required Watch the Webinar

Cool New Behavioral Analytics Features

As the pioneers and leaders in behavioral analytics we are constantly busy improving and empowering our solution with new behavioral analyitcs capabilities.
Watch this webinar in which we cover some really cool new features.

Analyzing Multiple Data Sources

Analyze how the upper funnel affects the bottom line or how actions that started at one touch point manifest at another, Calculate ROI from a recent Google Ads or Facebook campaign or see the latest buying trends of your customers. Watch this webinar to learn how to blend different data sources into a single unified view of deep behavioral analytics.

First Queries with CoolaSQL

CoolaSQL or CQL is the powerful querying language developed by CoolaData. The semantic layer of the CoolaData solution, enabling fast, simple and intuitive querying, specially designed for behavioral analysis. Watch this webinar to learn how to query behavioral questions using the CoolaSQL.

Getting Started with Behavioral Analytics

Behavioral Analytics consists of big data of events, collected from multiple data sources. The behavioral analysis looks at a sequence of actions and examine user behavior over time. CoolaData offers the shortest path to behavioral analysis with out-of-the-box advanced analytical reports such as time series path analysis, cohort analysis and multi-dimensional funnel analysis. Watch this webinar to get yourself familiar with CoolaData’s Behavioral Analytics.