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L;;Analyze Backwards with Reverse Cohort;;NA;NA;;;In our online world, we usually analyze going forward in time. We define the starting event in the user journey, and examine the events or actions that followed. The same logic lies at the base of Cohort analysis, which is used to identify behavioral patterns or trends within a pre-defined period of time, starting from the first user event and analyzing the actions that follow.
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L;;Web Analytics Secrets: Are You Tracking the Right Metrics?;;NA;NA;;;A business may have the best product or service  but if no one knows about it  how long it stays operational is anyone’s guess. This article will cover the essential metrics to track when measuring website performance.
L;;Thinking of Useful Web Analytics KPIs, We Discovered...;;NA;2016;;;Anyone who has ever attempted to devise a set of truly useful KPIs, knows that it is not an easy task. What do we mean by useful anyway? Well, we had a go at determining what that meant.
L;;How To Delight Your Clients with Web Analytics;;NA;2016;;;Creating useful analytics reports that a client can understand is hard.  A simple emailed report or two, and you’re providing your clients understanding of their website, you’re showing them opportunities for growth, you’re helping to optimise their visitor experience, building the confidence needed to make positive changes and holding yourself accountable.
L;;What Is the Difference between KPIs and Metrics in Web Analytics?;;NA;2016;;;
L;;Web Analytics Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Guide;;NA;;;In today’s day and age  an effective website is more important than ever before. But here is the question you need to answer: how do you know if your website is performing at the level you
L;;Excellent Analytics Tip #27: Chase Smart Calculated Metrics!;;NA;2016;;;

Key Performance Indicators in Web Analytics

L;;What’s The Point Of a KPI in Web Analytics;;NA;NA;;;In web analytics, a key performance indicator is a web metric that is essential for your business’s success. The emphasis here is on the word essential. If a 10% change—positive or negative—in a KPI doesn’t make you sit up and call someone to find out what happened, then it is not well defined. 
L;;Common KPIs and Metrics for Analyzing Website Performance;;NA;;;As an analyst spends time with data for a particular website  new and more complex insights will jump out. If you care about web performance  spend time with the data to better understand potential tr
L;;Use of Key Performance Indicators
in Web Analytics;;NA;;;
L;;Understanding Web Analytics and Key Performance Indicators;;NA;;;It covers: What are KPIs? The concept of KPIs is nothing new  and has been common in the world of business analysis for many years. KPIs are used to distill key trends from complex  often disparate po
L;;Key Performance Indicators for Websites;;NA;;;Like any other aspect of business  websites don't start with perfect success.  They all start rough and improve with time.  The key to this is web metrics  getting the numbers which tell managers what

Which Metrics to Use for Web Analytics

L;;Most Underrated Web Metrics;;NA;NA;;;The problem with data used to be that we didn’t have enough of it. The problem with data today is that there is just way too much of it. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, you will likely fall into the familiar trap of spending too much time on things that don’t matter.
L;;Web Analytics for Beginners: The 4 Key Metrics Small Businesses Need to Track;;NA;2016;;;The number of online behaviors you can track is truly endless. But if you’re new to the world of analytics, watch this video to learn about the four key metrics you should monitor before anything else.

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L;;7 Key Metrics to Track to Ensure the Success of Your Website;;NA;;;In life  it’s often the small details that define success over failure—and it’s exactly the same when running your own website. Now  I know that statistics and website metrics are not the most g
L;;The 6 Most Important Web Metrics to Track for Your Business Website;;NA;;;In a previous post  I talked about the 10 best tools for tracking online analytics data for your business. If you’ve started to use any of those tools—in particular Google Analytics—the amount o

Web Metrics in Google Analytics

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L;;Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Google Analytics;;NA;;;Google Analytics offers a multitude of data-related features for websites serving nearly any imaginable purpose and targeting all kinds of audiences. And best of all  you can start using it today  fre
L;;20 KPIs You Should Monitor in Google Analytics;;NA;;;A Key Performance Indicator or KPI refers to a set of measurements reflecting the performance or success of an organization in terms of progress of its goals. In this article we present the most impor

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