Resources about the bounce rate metric, which measures how many of a website's visitors immediately left the site, an indication of visitor satisfaction with the website or its content.

Bounce Rate

Perspectives on Bounce Rate

L;;5 Ways of Gaining & Maintaining Customer Loyalty;;NA;NA;;;Every decision that is made in your company should take into account how customers will react. Step into their shoes. Will adding a new feature that one of your engineers has been pushing for the last 4 months improve the user experience, or will it simply confuse your customers?
L;;Top 10 Reasons Why Your Bounce Rate Is High;;NA;NA;;;This post is about the top 10 reasons that cause high bounce rates like page load speed is more than 4 seconds, the website isn’t mobile responsive, the landing pages don’t look pretty and more. Additionally it presents a few useful ways to reduce the bounce rate.
L;;Bounce Rate Has No Place In Content Marketing;;NA;;;Google Analytics defines a website’s bounce rate as follows: Bounce Rate is the percentage of single-page sessions (i.e. sessions in which the person left your site from the entrance page without in
L;;What is a Good Bounce Rate?;;;;;
L;;Bounce Rates: Are They Bad? ;;NA;2017;;;Let’s talk about bounce rates. The reason we’re talking about them is because they’re largely misunderstood and less scrupulous (less informed?) marketers than myself routinely make claims about
L;;Do Your Visitors Bounce?;;NA;2017;;;What are you doing to keep your website’s bounce rate down? Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors that visit your site and leave without looking at another page, or taking any action (opt-ins, e
L;;How to Avoid a High Email Bounce Rate;;NA;2017;;;What is an email bounce rate? Email bounce rate is the percentage of email addresses that were not able to receive a message because it was returned by the server or recipient. Hard bounce vs. soft bo
L;;5 Reasons Your Website Records High Bounce Rate;;;;;
L;;What Is Bounce Rate? Is It Important? How Do You Lower It?;;NA;;;What Is Bounce Rate  Is It Important  and How Do You Lower It? Posted  on December 9  2014 by Ariel in Resources | 21 comments It’s a phrase that all web owners are going to hear sooner or later. Wh
L;;What's the Average Bounce Rate for a Website?;;NA;;;For the TL DR folks  this post covers: At RocketFuel  we personally go over analytics data with our clients every so often. The reviews essentially function like a doctor's checkup for a website. If e
L;;Bounce Rates: What’s Good and What's Bad;;NA;;;Let’s start with an ugly truth: We can’t convince all the traffic on our website to stay and this is why we sweat over bounce rate. Bounce rate is the percentage of users who enter a website but l

How To Reduce Bounce Rate

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L;;Decrease Your Site's Bounce Rate with the Following Ideas.;;NA;2017;;;I don't know about you, but I take high bounce rates personally. After all the effort – content strategy, SEO, social media, not to mention our expensive site design – users are exiting right when
L;;Improve Your Bounce Rate: Issues Recommendations and Optimisation;;NA;2017;;;Disclaimer: although we talk much about bounce rate in this article, our aim is not to explain how to use or calculate this indicator. Today we are going to help you improve the customer journey and
L;;Reduce Bounce Rate and Optimise for Conversion;;NA;2017;;;It is a very common case: your website has a few articles on a given topic which perform well in search, attract qualified traffic and are shared on social platforms. However, your bounce rate is high
L;;4 Ways to Reduce Bounce Rate.;;NA;2017;;;Emma is an Online Marketing manager. Emma had a problem. She’d invested lots of time, money and resources into creating a great website. Her online marketing efforts were generating plenty of traffi
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Effect of Bounce Rate on SEO

L;;What Does Bounce Rate Mean for SEO;;NA;;;One of the most underestimated and under-valued metrics of any website’s SEO campaign is the site’s bounce rate. What does bounce rate mean and why is it important? That’s a great question and o
L;;3 SEO Tips to Address Your High Bounce Rate Problems;;;;;
L;;Effect of Bounce Rate in Search Engine Rankings;;NA;2017;;;Before we start working on our bounce rate, we should understand what bounce rate is. It is the percentage of visitors who visit your website and leave without viewing any other pages on your website.

Specific Technologies

L;;Reduce Bounce Rate in Google Analytics with these 7 Actionable Ways;;;;;
L;;Understanding Google Analytics and Bounce Rates;;NA;2017;;;In the digital marketing world, understanding the behaviors of your target audience is essential for any successful campaign. Many marketers will utilize Google Analytics as a tool to track these beha
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