Resources about the conversion rate metric, which measures the percentage of website visitors who performed an action beneficial to the site owners (a conversion). This is an indication of whether the website is meeting its goals.

Conversion Rate

Perspectives on Conversion Rate

L;;Behavioral Cohort Analysis and What It Can Do for You;;NA;NA;;;By grouping cohorts based on people behavior (“what”) in an app, analysis goes deeper, predictions improve in accuracy and business decisions based on them improve profitability.
L;;How to Best Measure Marketing Conversion Rates;;NA;2017;;;Some marketers can argue that conversion rate is the most important metric to track. Marketers measure conversion rates by channel, by segment, and through time to understand where they are successful and where they need to improve. The problem is, conversion rates can be tricky to measure on a routine basis. This blog post provides a framework for how to measure your conversion rates.
L;;5 Smart Steps to Calculate Conversion Rates;;NA;;;I’m going to kick off my Metrics that Matter by shedding some light on conversion rates.  Despite being one of the most cited metrics by sales and marketing organizations  conversion rates are rarel
L;;Your Biggest Conversion Rate Killer is You - A New Way to Cure Online Retailers’s Ultimate Headache;;NA;;;
L;;Website Conversion Rate;;NA;;;Broadly defined  the website conversion rate shows the percentage of website visitors that take a desired action on your site. This action converts them from visitors to leads (or customers). The desi
L;;How User Experience Optimization Can Help Improve Conversion Rates;;;;;
L;;What is a Website Conversion?;;NA;;;A website conversion is the most important factor to the success of your online marketing strategy and goals. It means getting your visitors to do what you want them to do  whether that is to buy your
L;;Calculating Your Conversion Rate – Online Sales;;NA;;;With most modern analytics packages the conversion rate can be calculated within the system fairly easily if you’ve set up the appropriate goals and tracking. Conversions are any event which you con
L;;What is Conversion Rate?;;NA;;;A conversion rate is one of the most helpful pieces of information for determining the effectiveness of your online business. In marketing your company and understanding whether your work is successfu
L;;How Can I Influence Conversion Rates on the Web?;;NA;;;The goal of using Google Analytics to analyze a website is to change a visitor from someone who simply views web pages to someone who has a relationship with the website. When a webpage viewer become
L;;Tracking Conversions and Calculating Conversion Rates;;NA;;;What is a conversion rate? A conversion rate is the percentage of visitors to your website who complete a transaction.   A  transaction for an e-commerce site is usually a sale. Transactions can be
L;;Marketing Research: Average Conversion Rates;;NA;;;Jon Powell and I recently spoke on a Cisco webinar and were asked that ever-popular question — what is the average conversion rate? Here’s the answer — 8.2%. You can stop reading the blog post r
L;;The #1 metric to grow e-Commerce revenue | HiConversion;;NA;;;There are literally hundreds of marketing metrics to choose from  and almost all of them measure something of value. The main metric that will help you achieve revenue growth to your e-Commerce websit
L;;Website Conversion Rate Archives - Lucid Agency;;NA;;;You’ve worked hard to generate leads through digital initiatives and have watched your conversion rates rise  but you aren’t seeing an increase in customers. So where is the disconnect?  While lea

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L;;5 Unique Strategies to Increase Your Website’s Conversion Rate;;;;;
L;;How to Set Up Conversion Tracking in Google Analytics;;NA;;;Are you using Google Analytics to track your blog traffic? If so  are you also using it to track conversions? If not  this article is for you. I’m going to show you how to setup conversion tracking
L;;How To Use Buying Keywords To Improve Conversion Rates;;;;;
L;;How to Define Conversion Metrics for SEO;;NA;;;
L;;5 Ways To Improve Your Sales Page Conversions;;NA;;;
L;;How to Calculate Conversion Rate;;NA;2017;;;Do you know how well your website or blog is performing conversion wise? Or have you been focusing the majority of your energies on traffic generation? It’s definitely something to ponder right? To
L;;Calculate Organic CTR (Click Through Rate) and Conversion Rate Formula;;NA;;;Note: I wrote this article originally in 2011 when I was just starting out with blogging. It has been rewritten for simplification purposes and to keep things up to date. Let’s start off by saying

Conversion Rate in Google Analytics

L;;What's The Difference: Google Analytics vs AdWords Conversion Tracking;;NA;;;Wondering what's the difference between AdWords conversion tracking and goal completions in Analytics? For starters  they are not reporting the same data  so do not expect the two to match. Because of
L;;Contact Form Conversion Tracking in Google Analytics;;;;;
L;;How to Use Google Analytics to Increase Traffic & Conversions;;NA;2017;;;In the age of millennials, the power of data is the driving force of every aspect of business. Businesses are growing more media-savvy to help their business, from artificial intelligence powered pred
L;;8 Powerful Google Analytics Tips to Increase Your Conversion Rate;;NA;2017;;;Conversion rates. At the end of the day, this is what it all comes down to. It’s easy to dream of huge conversion rates; however, they’ve been rather hard to achieve lately. Hard, but not impossib
L;;How to Add Google Analytics Conversion Tracking on the Thank You page?;;NA;;;To add Google Analytics conversion tracking on the Thank You page of your online form  follow the steps below: 1. Follow our step-by-step guide on how to track form activity with Google Analytics. 2.
L;;Conversion Tracking with Google Analytics;;NA;;;If you’re using Olark for sales  then you’ll want to know if it’s actually worth the money you’re paying for it. In other words  does Olark help convert more visitors and increase your revenue
L;;AdWords Conversion Tracking Versus Google Analytics;;NA;;;
L;;How to Create a Conversion Funnel in Google Analytics;;NA;;;Setting up a conversion funnel is a great way to see how well you are converting on your website  and where you can improve. A funnel is a visualization of the steps you want people to take on your we


L;;Multivariate Test Duration Calculator;;NA;;;Enter your website statistics in to the fields below to discover how a small increase in your website conversion rate can lead to a significant increase in revenue and sales without increasing the num
L;;Free Web Site Marketing Conversion Calculator;;NA;;;What’s Your Website Conversion Rate? Use this calculator to determine the percent of site visitors that do what you want them to do  whether it’s signing up for your free offer  calling you or buy

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