Resources about the visits/sessions metric in web analytics, which measures the number of times a website was visited. A visit comprises one of more pages viewed; one user could be measured more than once.

Visits/Sessions in Web Analytics

Perspectives on Visits / Sessions in Web Analytics

L;;What is Sessionization & Why Should You Care?;;NA;NA;;;A session ID is created and stored every time a user visits your web page or mobile application.Each session has its own characteristics such as overall time, amount of events, country IP, etc. Events are triggered by user interactions on your website and are stored under each session ID. 
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L;;5 Key Metrics to Always Track in Your Web Analytics;;NA;;;It can be daunting to sit down and decipher your website’s data. It’s challenging to know which metrics are most important and to unravel the story they are telling. Numbers are meaningless withou
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L;;Hits, Page Views, Visitors and Visits Demystified;;NA;;;This article is an introductory level and the intention of this article is to clarify few terms that you constantly hear in Web Analytics.  Why am I writing this article? I hear some confusion about
L;;Page View vs Page Visits;;NA;;;Understanding the world of Google Analytics can be a bit confusing. Web Statistics can be a universe unto itself  but if we view it as the fabled elephant and take it one bite at a time  we can slowly
L;;Web Analytics Glossary;;NA;;;The following glossary identifies and defines common web analytics terms. However  as different web analysis tools often provide alternate definitions based on their context  please consult your analy
L;;Measure and Report the Correct Metrics - Web Analytics;;NA;;;I was recently collecting some pre-paid tickets for a train journey and the machine display advised it was printing item 1 of 3  2 of 3 and eventually 3 of 3. The machine dispensed a receipt and seat
L;;Web Analytics: “Visits” and Other Junk Metrics;;NA;;;Web Analytics: Visits and Other Junk Metrics Posted on June 17  2014 by Emily Saylor   in Tracking & Analytics   As an analyst responsible for reporting on client web analytics  one of the metrics

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L;;Top 5 Google Analytics KPIs: A Guide to Web Analytics;;NA;;;Google Analytics has become the de-facto champion for free web analytics. Google Analytics can monitors dozens of KPIs (key performance indicators) for your business. Web analytics KPIs  which refer t
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Specific Environments

L;;PHP Program to Display the Last Visited Date-Time;;;;;


L;;A Few Good Web Analytics Tools;;NA;;;Web analytics tools help you track your site's statistics  which let you see how many people are looking at each page  what sites they came from  and other information to help develop a picture of who

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