Resources about the referrers metric in web analytics, which measures the number of visitors coming to a website via referring sites - other sites that link to the website. A special case of referral traffic is social media traffic - traffic to a website from social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Referrers and Social Media Traffic

Perspectives on Referrers and Social Media Traffic

L;;Referrer Data Explained: 10 Reasons Why It Doesn't Tell the Whole Story;;NA;2016;;;Data is king – however sometimes trying to resolve your data across several reporting platforms can be a challenge. If you know where your audience originated, you can leverage that information to get higher engagement. However, referring traffic is not as reliable as you may think.
L;;Dark Traffic: What Is It and Why Should You Care About It;;NA;;;
L;;Referring Sites;;NA;;;Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Any site that contains a link back to your site is a referring site  and visitors clicking on
L;;TripAdvisor Data Missing in Google Analytics? Fix It!;;NA;;;In mid-March of this year TripAdvisor changed the way it sends data for referral visits from its business listings and  as a consequence  referral data is lost in Google Analytics for many businesses.
L;;Referring Sites - Who is Looking for Me?;;NA;;;REFERRING SITES... who is looking for me? - Stage Door Designs - Websites for Actors  Website Design  Resume Design  Websites for Child Actors  Build Your Own Website
L;;How to Keep Referral Spam and Bots Out of Your Analytics Data;;NA;;;There are both good and bad people in the world of the internet… And  like always  some of the good guys spend a lot of their time trying to figure out how to stop the bad guys from causing trouble.
L;;Strange Irrelevant Referring Sites to My Web Page;;NA;;;I have a web page for my music store and I get the normal google and forum site referrals  but I also get a bunch from Russia  dozens of them and they are really random and have nothing to do with mus
L;;Where’s my Google Analytics Referral Data?;;NA;;;Remember back in the day when Google said it was going to start putting some weight behind sites that were secure? Well  they’ve done that and the internet world has begun implementing https website
L;;Block Referral Spam;;NA;;;Yes we block all the advertisements online  but there is one spam type that annoys us even more. It’s called referral spam and can be found on all our websites these days. Never heard of it? You pr

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L;;9 Surefire Ways to Generate Massive Referral Traffic;;;;;
L;;Referring Domain Analysis: A Simple How-To Guide;;NA;;;Referring Domain Analysis: A Simple How-To Guide When analyzing where your site’s traffic comes from  it’s tempting to focus on the usual suspects: you know  the visits from Paid Search  SEO  e-ma

Referrers and Social Media Traffic in Google Analytics

L;;How to Fix Self-Referral Traffic in Google Analytics;;NA;;;There is a feature in Google Analytics called Referral Exclusion List in which you can add the domains that you don’t want to appear as referrals in your reports. However recently I added some inter
L;;How To Block Referral Spam in Google Analytics;;NA;;;Today’s article is about the referral spammer in google analytics. A high number of reports have been sent to us concerning rank checker online. If you also seeing it in your goo
L;;Why You Should Keep Social and Referral Data Separate in Google Analytics;;NA;;;
L;;Malicious Google Analytics Referral Spam;;NA;;;Robots (bots) have outnumbered people on the Internet for almost two years  and they browse much faster than your average visitor. Aside from spamming your comment systems and crawling for vulnerable
L;;Blocking Spam Referral Traffic from Google Analytics;;NA;;;At TheeDesign Studio  we’re seeing more and more spam referral traffic from websites that are compromising the integrity of our data. These websites are creating fake traffic using bots either accid
L;;Referral Exclusion List in Google Analytics Explained;;NA;;;A common issue I see in analytics audits is confusion over what the Referral Exclusion List is supposed to be used for. I hope to clear up some of that confusion in this post. What Is the Referral Ex
L;;How To Stop Referral Spam in Google Analytics;;NA;;;Is ghost referral spam screwing up your Google analytics data? Fed up seeing spammy sites like darodar  semalt and in your list of referrers? Well  y
L;;Google Analytics Referral Spam;;NA;;;Google Analytics Referral SPAM |


L;;Monitoring Social Media Traffic: Tricks  Tips & Tools;;NA;;;#SEOchat is a weekly Twitter chat where in-the-know digital marketers across the country compare notes. Last week we hosted the chat and the hot topic was monitoring social media traffic. We discussed
L;;Google Analytics Referral Spam Tool;;NA;;;Your Google Analytics are showing a ton of fake traffic from bad domain names  and you have to clean it up.  If you already know how to exclude bad referrers  then you know that entering just one

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