Resources about central concepts used by web analysts to model the behavior of website visitors.

Web Analytics Concepts

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Perspectives on Web Analytics Concepts

L;;Comparing Web vs. Mobile Analytics;;NA;NA;;;Web analytics is faced with very different challenges when compared to mobile. User interaction with ads, which is a major source of monetization for app developers, will differ from platform to platform. On a web application, a user may install an ad-blocker, disabling advertisements altogether, or just ignore the ads and never clicking on them due to the larger screen.
L;;5 Analytics Concepts You Need to Understand for Your Business;;NA;NA;;;Any business owner should be aware that their customers are headed online. The demand to optimize a business’ online presence is not going to decline with the rate the technology has been expanding.
L;;How Web Analytics Evolved by Adopting Terms and Concepts from Other Disciplines and Making Them Their Own;;NA;2016;;;While we use the most scientific term we could find – “Analytics” – there are uncertainties and assumptions baked into our discipline right from the start. As a science we are somewhat less exact then we want to.
L;;Measuring Website Traffic: Why And How To Do It;;NA;2017;;;How’s your website performing? It’s unbelievable just how many businesses can’t answer this simple question. That’s because many don’t bother to measure. Why do I need to measure? Without me
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L;;Web Analytics Terms;;NA;;;A  Abandonment: is the measure when a visitor exits or leaves a conversion process on a website and does not return later during the session.  A/B Testing: A method of banner ads  emails and landing

How To

L;;Complete Beginner’s Guide to Analytics;;NA;2016;;;Analytics is more than just a numbers game. It's a way of tracking and analyzing user behavior over time. This article will explore this intersection of user experience and data, so that budding designers can add productive web analytics to their process.
L;;How to (Finally) Make Web Analytics Work for You;;NA;2016;;

Google Analytics Concepts

L;;The Essential Google Analytics Terms: Definitions and Reports You Need to Know;;NA;2016;;;Understanding your website metrics is critical to the success of any inbound marketing campaign. The more information you have about where your visitors are coming from and what they do once they have arrived at your site, the more improvements you can make to ongoing marketing activities.
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L;;Understanding Google Analytics: A Simple Guide to Advanced Terms;;NA;2016;;
L;;Google Analytics: A Guide to Confusing Terms;;NA;2016;;

Specific Environments

L;;10 JavaScript Concepts for Web Analytics Implementation;;NA;;;I’ve already written extensively about JavaScript in web analytics implementation. Suffice to say  understanding at least the basics is absolutely necessary to survive in the technical medium of the


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