Resources about events, which help track specific activities performed by users on a website (such as clicking a button) and record them in web analytics tools.

Events in Web Analytics

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L;;6 Issues to Watch out for With JS Event Tracking;;NA;NA;;;All behavioral analytics platforms track user actions, using several alternatives for integration within a website or app. One of the key methods is using a designated event tracker for JavaScript.
L;;Event Tracking: So Easy Your Mom Could Do It;;NA;NA;;;Use event tracking if you want to track when a user clicks on an Email address, click to call link, watches a video, clicks on a document download link, or if you want to track specific CTAs throughout your website.
L;;Event ROI And Event Marketing Attributtion Guide;;NA;NA;;;Given that events account for the single largest item in the budget of the average B2B CMO, it makes sense that marketers would want to track their return on investment (ROI). But how exactly can event ROI be tracked? 
L;;Google Analytics  Privacy  and Event Tracking;;NA;;;Many of us use Google Analytics (GA) or similar third-party services to keep track of how people interact with our websites  telling us things like when people visit and what they click. This data can
L;;The Difference between Virtual Pageviews and Event Tracking;;NA;;;
L;;Events Tracking- The Hidden Joker of Web Analytics;;NA;;;

L;;Fear and Proactive Thinking: The Main Driver for Event-Based Analytics;;NA;;;Ever heard that fear is an important driver for technology evolution – so far we have only heard that necessity is the mother of invention. Believe it now! Event-based Analytics  an important segmen
L;;Event-Based Analytics of Large-Scale Web-Based Platforms;;NA;;;Ram  yes  MP allows for tracking specific users.  Eventually  although both platforms are for web analytics  the difference in costing and approach allows for certain flexibilities (or lack thereof) a

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L;;Universal Event Tracking Tool Tutorial;;NA;2017;;;Universal Event Tracking (UET) helps customers track their campaign performance with the ability to count unique conversions, associate conversion goals with a single account and track the status of of tags and goals. Remarketing works in conjunction with UET and Conversion Tracking to help you reach your business goals.
L;;How To Track Users Properly on Your Website ;;;;We apply 8 years of experience optimizing in-house marketing funnels to help businesses of all sizes launch profitable websites and campaigns. Whether you need to translate current traffic into conver


L;;Event Tracking Example for Google Analytics with Autotrack;;NA;;;I do Google Analytics training sessions very often  and often for non-analysts. One of the questions that pops up most often is something that might seem basic for full time web analysts. Namely  just

Events in Google Analytics

L;;Google Analytics Event Tracking -  A Complete Introduction;;NA;2017;;;Event Tracking is a feature that’s baked into Google Analytics but requires additional setup to use beyond merely adding the regular Google Analytics tracking code to your site. For that reason, many webmasters who aren’t heavily into analytics often eschew using Event Tracking because of its perceived complexity.
L;;Google Analytics Event Tracking;;NA;NA;;;Tracking custom interactions with Google Analytics If you operate a website, chances are you're currently using Google Analytics for insight on how users interact with your site. By default, Google Analytics automatically tracks users, pageviews, average duration and bounce rate, but what are the options for custom interactions?
L;;How to Track Google Analytics Events with Form Submissions;;NA;2017;;;This article will show you how to track Google Analytics Goals Events with form submissions using two different methods.
L;;Google Analytics Event Tracking Analytics Video;;;;;
L;;How to Add Google Analytics Event Tracking Code to a Video;;NA;;;Hi  I have a video on my home that I want to track with Google Analytics event tracking. I found this useful post how to add event tracking to the image element: My application however is the video pl

L;;How to Track custom Click/Touch Events in Google Universal Analytics;;NA;;;In this simple tutorial I’m going to share how I track custom events like clicks/touches in the new Universal Google Analytics. In addition to looking at single inline usage  I’ll share the jQuery
L;;Adding Call Goals to Google Analytics (Universal);;NA;;;CallRail integrates with your existing Google Analytics account by sending calls to a Goal you create in Google Analytics. We report calls to Google Analytics Universal (analytics.js) as an Event. Use
L;;Google Analytics Event Tracking Code Generator;;NA;;;Do you need to track an event on your website that doesn't have a confirmation page? Then onClick event tracking by Google analytics is what you need. It enables you to track anything any your website
L;;How to Utilize Google Analytics onClick Tracking;;NA;;;Collecting data on how web users scurry through our websites is a great performance indicator as well as an interesting statistic provider. Google Analytics offers a pretty awesome feature which allow
L;;Yahoo and Xfinity Referral Traffic in Google Analytics;;NA;;;TL DR: On May 15  2015  Sessions from and began to appear in Google Analytics as Referrals  and we are in search of more information  such as the root cause. Our ac
L;;Google Analytics Tutorial: Events Tracking;;NA;;;Lots of things can happen in a website today. You can play a video  subscribe to a newsletter  even play flash games! Would you be able to track if your users are engaging in these activities in your
L;;Google Analytics Event Tracking Generator;;NA;;;Google Analytics event tracking is a powerful feature that allows you to track visitors’ interactions with your website that would not be tracked normally. It’s important to mention that Google An

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L;;Event Analytics - Tracking Events with JavaScript;;NA;;;Event Analytics is a common practice to get richer insights into your web analytics engine. Both Google Analytics and Piwik support advanced API to register custom events and variables based on custom

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