Resources about conversion goals, which define when a user visiting a website does something that is beneficial to the site owners (a conversion).

Conversion Goals

Perspectives on Conversion Goals

L;;Behavioral Cohort Analysis and What It Can Do for You;;NA;NA;;;By grouping cohorts based on people behavior (“what”) in an app, analysis goes deeper, predictions improve in accuracy and business decisions based on them improve profitability.
L;;How to Use Power Words On Your Site to Boost Conversions;;NA;NA;;;Power words speak to our subconscious minds and trigger automatic reactions. This is valuable knowledge to possess for any marketer who wants to convert website visitors into leads and achieve goals much more efficiently.
L;;5 Sources of Online Traffic You’ve Never Heard Of;;NA;;;Online traffic is one of the key performance indicators for online businesses  as it directly affects the number of leads your business acquires. Most online marketers focus their attention on the mos
L;;How Can Conversion Goals Improve My College or University Website?;;NA;;;Page views  session duration and bounce rate provide a solid health check for your college or university website. But this is only the beginning. We recommend setting up conversion goals in Google Ana
L;;7 Effective Ways to Increase Your Social Media Traffic and Conversions;;NA;;;If you look at your blog’s traffic stats  social media is likely to be among the top three traffic sources. In fact  for many blogs  social media traffic is even more important than search engine an
L;;What Exactly is a Conversion? It’s Up to You!;;NA;;;The goal of any A/B test is to compare two (or more) versions of a web page and see which version performs best. What performs best actually means is entirely up to you and depending on the test’s g

Conversion Goals in Google Analytics

L;;Google Analytics Goals Guide: How to Set Up And Track Your Bottom-Line KPIs;;NA;NA;;;If you’re not using Google Analytics every day it can be a nightmare to navigate. So many paths, so many reports and so little time to learn them. However, setting up your Goals is one of the most important business metrics you can track.
L;;Set Up Goals in Google Analytics;;NA;NA;;;No matter if your goal is to sell books online or just to add your visitors to newsletter subscribers. In both cases, you must up goals in Google Analytics so you can see if visitors are taking the actions that you want them to complete.
L;;How to Set up Goals in Google Analytics;;NA;NA;;;If you’ve plugged your Google Analytics tracking ID into your Gumroad Settings, you might be wondering what to do next. How do you make sense of the data and actually use it to focus or adjust your work?
L;;How To Track Goals Within Google Analytics;;;;;
L;;A Guide to Goals and Funnels in Google Analytics;;NA;;;If you’re a webmaster then you should also have a keen interest in tracking site statistics. Likely you’ve heard about or even used Google Analytics for certain time. It really got some serious aw
L;;Why Are There Referrals from My Own Site?;;NA;;;Self-referrals in your reports are one of the most common red flags that indicate a problem with your code installation.  However  it's common for a small number of self-referrals to show up even if
L;;How to Create Google Analytics Conversion Goals for Your Booking Form;;NA;;;A conversion is when somebody books an appointment on your booking form. Every time a customer books an appointment on your form  Launch 27 sends this ‘conversion url’ to Google Analytics that y
L;;Video Tutorial: How to Set Up Google Analytics Goals;;NA;;;July 2  2015 by John Haydon Content Marketing                                                     If you want to be smart about using Google Analytics  the first thing you have
L;;Google Analytics Beginners: How to Set Up and Measure Conversion Goals;;NA;;;Google Analytics Beginners: How to Setup and Measure Conversion Goals Home Take a WorkshopGoogle Analytics Beginners: How to Setup and Measure Conversion Goals                 Google Analytics Beginne
L;;Setting Up Goals in Google Analytics;;NA;;;After you have linked your account to Analytics and received some event data  you will find the events for each call showing up in Google Analytics under the Content section within Events. The call
L;;How To Set Up Conversion Goals within Google Analytics;;NA;;;Conversion Goals can be incredibly helpful to you in understanding your business what you are doing well and perhaps where you are lacking. Setting realistic goals is going to be the key to your achie
L;;How To Track Mailing List Signups Using Goals in Google Analytics;;NA;;;You need to start collecting data and tracking your success right from the start. It’s going to be impossible to benchmark your success and track growth if you don’t. In this post I am going to gi
L;;Google Analytics Traffic Sources Report;;NA;;;By  Wendy Piersall    Heather B. Armstrong   The Traffic Sources report is one of the most important reports in Google Analytics. This report gives you insights into your blog readers and the most imp
L;;Perfecting Your goals in Google Analytics;;NA;;;There are quite a few tracking features in Google Analytics for which you have to do a bit more than just implement the UA-code on your pages. One of those features is the ‘goal’. The goal is a fe
L;;Effective Campaign Tracking in Google Analytics;;NA;;;Campaign tracking or tagging is a vital component for every online business. You need to know exactly which campaigns drive traffic and conversions. Otherwise you simply won’t make it! You can’t o
L;;Google Analytics Goal Conversion and eCommerce Transaction Counting;;NA;;;Did you know that goal conversions and eCommerce transactions are counted differently in Google Analytics? Each Google Analytics goal conversion will count a maximum of one time per user per session.

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