Resources about in-page analytics - the practice of measuring activities performed by site visitors inside a page, primarily which links or buttons they clicked.

Click Analytics and In-Page Analytics

Perspectives on Click Analytics and In-Page Analytics

L;;Behavioral Cohort Analysis and What It Can Do for You;;NA;NA;;;Cohort Analysis has typically revolved around “when” or “who” factors that unite a group. Cohorts can be determined by the time they signed up for an app (“when”) or their demographic information (“who”) or any other kind of common characteristics or experiences within a defined time span
L;;The 10 Best Ways to Generate Traffic without Google;;NA;;;Having a mix of trophy and long-tail phrases ranking in Google search engine results pages (SERPs) is the equivalent of manna from heaven to any online business. There’s nothing better  if you have
L;;Are You Using The In-Page Analytics Function On Google Analytics?;;NA;;;Ever visited a webpage  couldn´t see what you were looking for  so just hit the back button?  That´s a situation we´re all probably familiar with. When visitors arrive at your website you want them

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L;;An Easy Way To Track Clicks;;NA;NA;;;One of the key questions to answer about your website is what do people do when they visit your website? What pages are they looking at? Do they convert? Do they engage? And one of the key types of engagement is the click or the tap. As part of needing to know what people do, you need to know what they click or tap on.
L;;Using Page Analytics Chrome Extension to Compare Links;;NA;;;
L;;How to Use In-Page Analytics to Increase Your Conversion Rate;;NA;;;In-page analytics is an under-used feature available in Google Analytics that lets you identify the most important areas of your website. With in-page analytics  you can easily find out which links vi

In-Page Analytics in Google Analytics

L;;3 Uses for Google Analytics In-Page Analytics;;NA;NA;;;For years, publishers looked to heat maps to gain insight into the user experience. By learning where your visitors scroll, click, and interact, you can learn a great deal. You can tell where to place ads and what types of content are most engaging to your consumers, and then which ads give you the best ROI.
L;;Gain Real-time Insight Into How Users Engage With Your Content;;NA;;;Visualization is key in this week’s #MetricsMonday post. We’ll explore how using Google’s In-Page Analytics tool goes beyond displaying how people are clicking and engaging with your website. Th
L;;Why Can't I Get my In-Page Analytics to Work?;;NA;;;I don't understand it. All my statistics are working perfectly  except the In-Page Analytics. It just says: I looked on the web and only found this post on the Google Product Forums  but it contains o
L;;How Google Analytics In-Page Analytics / Overlay Works (and the Problems Therein);;NA;;;I’m starting to think that page overlays are the new page-level clickstream — they’re what well-meaning-but-inexperienced business users see in their minds’ eyes as a quick and clear path to d
L;;Remove / Stop Google’s In-Page Analytics;;NA;;;When using Google’s In-Page analytics feature for  I have found that it is hard to make it go away later. Each time I visit the website after using in-page analytics  the unwanted

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L;;Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Push Notifications;;NA;NA;;;CoolaData’s push notifications enable our customers to address these needs precisely, providing an accurate analysis of their users and the means to act upon it.
L;;Tableau - How to create an In-Page Analytics Report in Tableau;;NA;;;The In-Page Analytics Report provides a valuable visual representation of the performance of a particular web page. It is very handy for making a quick visual assessment of how users are interacting w

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L;;Fraud - Detecting Fraudulent Clicks;;NA;;;
L;;Fraud - Detecting Potential Fraud with High Volume Clicks;;NA;;;

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