Resources about attribution, the practice of determining who was "responsible" for a conversion on a website - which channel or user activities contributed to the user's conversion.

Attribution Models in Web Analytics

Perspectives on Attribution Models in Web Analytics

L;;Attribution and Analytics: Synergies, Challenges and Trends in 2017;;NA;2017;;;Given the ever-multiplying number of marketing channels, today’s marketers must be able to tangibly evaluate their investments in each campaign, in order to determine which marketing mix combinations work best. Attribution and contribution are key aspects of this evaluation, and these topics are still more relevant than ever in 2017.
L;;3 Ways to Achieve Growth Through Attribution;;NA;2017;;;Accurate multichannel attribution is critical to business growth. Why? Because this is how you gain the unique insight into the customer journey you need to help you attract more customers and retain those you already converted.
L;;The Conversion Attribution Riddle Further Unraveled;;NA;2017;;;
L;;All 11 Marketing Attribution Models Explained;;NA;;;
L;;Direct Traffic Isn't a Channel, It's the Lack of Proper Attribution;;NA;;;As a B2B marketer myself  I personally understand the frustrations of going into your analytics dashboard and seeing that direct traffic makes up a substantial portion -- it may even be the primary ch
L;;Revenue Attribution Basics: Common Single-Touch Models (Part I);;NA;;;B2B marketing leaders talk a lot about the benefits of multi-touch revenue attribution  however  faced with time and technological constraints  nearly all marketers still default to single-touch attri
L;;Why Bother with View-Through Attribution?;;NA;;;How do you measure the impact of influence? More importantly  what’s the best way to measure such a fuzzy concept using an analytical approach? As marketers have been complementing their bread-and-b
L;;Attribution Modeling Explained;;NA;;;These days  customers find your product through a variety of marketing channels (ad platforms  partnerships  content  organic  etc.). It is important to understand how these channels work together in
L;;View-Through Attribution Will Make You Question Your Marketing Strategy;;NA;;;The most common way to measure the effectiveness of an online campaign is to track click-through conversions  i.e. how many customers clicked on an ad and converted. But  are clicks really the only me
L;;Click-through Conversions vs. View-through Conversions– What's the Difference?;;NA;;;     Learn how to set up your campaigns for success by understanding which audiences to target  how to structure your campaigns  and more! Conversions are an important part of Facebook Ads– for man
L;;Improving Attribution with View-Through Conversions;;NA;;;For any  SEO campaign    there is a long list of metrics that you need to monitor to stay up-to-date on the efficacy of your marketing decisions. However  depending on which aspect of your campaign yo
L;;Four Fatal Flaws of Digital Attribution and How to Address Them: Part I;;NA;;;One of the most powerful aspects of digital marketing is addressability—the ability to target and tailor marketing actions to consumers and directly attribute the resulting business outcomes to thos
L;;The Black Sheep of Marketing: Why View-Through Conversion Is Still Important;;NA;;;To measure is to know. You can only invest responsibly in marketing if you know what works. Recently we have already mentioned how attribution models can help you. The click is central to traditional
L;;Understanding View-Through Attribution;;NA;;;View-Through Attribution (VTA) relies upon tracking ad impressions in addition to clicks. Impression tracking gives marketers visibility into when and where ads are being served as well as the click

Which Attribution Model is Right for Your Business

L;;5 Attribution Models for Small Businesses and How to Use Them;;;;;
L;;Which Marketing Attribution Model Is Right for Your Business?;;;;;
L;;Selecting the Right Conversion Attribution for Your Business;;NA;;;You run campaigns on Facebook with the primarily goal of increasing conversions. A conversion could be a prospect opting-in to your newsletter  taking a lead magnet or buying a product. For Facebook
L;;Attribution Modeling: Which Conversion Measurement Method Is Right For You?;

The Last Click Attribution Model

L;;Measuring Business Results Beyond the Last Click;;NA;NA;;;The promise of digital advertising is that it is more measurable and actionable then traditional TV, print, radio, or billboards. But in practice, it can be complicated. How many sales did that homepage takeover drive? Do display ads boost the efficiency of search spend? Did the retargeting buy really help close a sale, or was that consumer going to purchase anyway, motivated by upper-funnel activities?
L;;Google Kills ‘Last Click Attribution’ and Introduces ‘Free Attribution’;;;;;
L;;Understanding First Touch vs. Last Touch Conversion Attribution Modeling;;NA;;;Often times people will visit a site more than once before converting. They could visit 3 or 6 or more times and use a different method of getting to the website each time. For example: So which one o
L;;The Imperfections of Last Click Attribution;;NA;;;When it comes to digital marketing  there is a heightened focus on analytics to determine success. Many businesses continue to place a heavy reliance on last click attribution models to determine whic
L;;Are You Stuck in a Last-Click Attribution Model?;;NA;;;Much of your success in marketing and the channels you choose to use or not use are driven by marketing measurement and attribution methods.  Attribution is a method of wholly or partially giving cre
L;;Data-Driven vs. Last-Click Attribution: Which is Superior?;;;;;

How To

L;;Beginners Guide to Google Analytics Attribution Modelling;;NA;;;
L;;Getting Started with Attribution Models in AdWords;;NA;;;With Attribution Models in AdWords  you decide how to assign credit to keywords  ad groups  and campaigns that influenced a conversion. For this to be meaningful  you need to first start recording con


L;;Practical Attribution Modeling in 2016: BFO Interview on the Techmedia Podcast;;NA;;;BFO’s President and Chief Search Artist  Dan Golden  was recently featured on the Techmedia Podcast.  Dan sat down with BJ Smith during the 2015 Internet Summit in Raleigh  NC to discuss the topic

Attribution Models in Google Analytics and Google AdWords

L;;Attribution Modelling in Google Analytics and Beyond - A Book by Himanshu Sharma;;NA;;;
L;;Google Attribution – Is It Enough For You?;;;;;
L;;Finding the Perfect Google Analytics Model for Your Business;;NA;;;Since the beginning of digital marketing  last click attribution has been the default setting when it comes to tracking a conversion in Google AdWords  partly due to the tracking limitations during th
L;;The Beginners Guide to Enhanced Link Attribution in Google Analytics;;;;;
L;;Google Attribution - Does It Solve the Attribution Problem;;;;;
L;;Move Beyond Last Click Attribution in AdWords;;NA;;;#decemberadventure     account management     Account Security     Ad Approvals     Ad Formats     Ad Innovations     Ad Planner     Ad Rank     ad rotation     ad traffic quality     Ads Preference
L;;Which Attribution Model Is Right for You?;;NA;;;Recently  Google launched the Attribution Model Comparison tool for all Analytics users. While the tool itself is great for comparing different models  it leaves marketers wondering  which one is rig
L;;Stop Lying: Attribution Modeling and How It Applies to Google AdWords;;NA;;;The easiest thing in AdWords is to cut away the things that don’t work. I’ve been talking about this for years.Streamlining AdWords campaigns is not a hard task. It’s very easy to see what keywo
L;;What You Need to Know about the New AdWords Attribution Models;;NA;;;Last-click attribution has been the default mode in AdWords for long enough. Google has announced that you’ll be able to integrate more sophisticated attribution models with your conversion data and
L;;Digital Attribution Models in Google Analytics;;NA;;;Digital attribution models are a an attempt to assign credit to a particular channel. This action becomes increasingly complex because user do not act in predetermined path.  However  if you have mor
L;;Why Do AdWords and Analytics Conversions Not Match? Attribution Modeling;;NA;;;Anyone who has worked in Online Marketing  Web Analytics  Campaigns etc.  has at one time had to answer this question  or another similar: why are the conversions of Google AdWords and Analytics diffe
L;;It's a Corker: Google AdWords Gets the Data-Driven Attribution Model;;NA;;;Today reveals a highlight among Google’s recent measurement product announcements: a data-driven attribution model for calculating AdWords conversion metrics. Google will make it available in all Ad

Specific Technologies

L;;Traffic Sources Report - YouTube Help;;NA;;;Note: We updated the classifications for traffic sources and playback location to reflect mobile traffic and site changes in March and June 2014. See details in the list of changes to the traffic-sour
L;;Untangling Facebook Attribution Models;;NA;2017;;;How do you attribute conversions to paid social? Do you use Google Analytics exclusively or do you rely on Facebook’s ad manager to fill in the details? No doubt, you’ve run the numbers and see th
L;;View-Through Attribution Exposed: What 'Last Touch' Isn't Telling You.;;;;;
L;;How a Long Facebook Attribution Windows Affect Your Video Ad Campaign;;NA;;;The billboard effect  also known as View-Through Conversions  or Facebook Attribution Window  is a way of measuring conversions on your online ads  even if the conversion happens after the viewer have
L;;Increase Install Conversion by up to 20% with View-Through Attribution;;NA;;;Freedom is at the heart of Chartboost. For this reason  we’re excited to expand your advertising options with view-through attribution support for video ads—a new attribution option to put you in

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